Your own Branded Workforce Employee Engagement App

Branded Workforce App

Branded Content and Communications for your Employees, Contractors and Partners

Deliver consistent Company wide content and communication to your employees, contractors and Partners using your own Branded Workforce App. This enables Mobile Web Intranet, Training, Tasks and Objectives under your own dedicated Branded Company App which improves Employee Engagement. Unlike the usual web intranets which require users to log on to consume information, StaffCircle is different. We push your information directly to employees, contractors and partners using a multichannel approach - SMS (text message), Email and InApp Alerts. StaffCircle does not need to be installed like regular smartphone apps which means your engagement and reach levels will be far higher.

Our Workforce App is Secure in any location on any device and any time

Multi-device support is provided using iPhone, Android, iPad, Andoid Tablet, Windows Laptop, Apple Mac meaning that StaffCircle provides one of the most accessible business tools on the market. Content can be manually inserted or synched from SharePoint but since we sit outside the corportate network we offer unparralleled accessibility without compromising IT Network security. All information on StaffCircle is encrypted in transit and at rest.

Customise your Workforce App Features, Menus and Language

Using the admin portal you can change the names or language of the menu item names. You can also specify which one will automatially load up when someone opens the app and even disable certain feature modules for specific groups of users so they dont appear on the App.

Online - even if your network is offline

At times of crisis when your internal IT network is non-operational, having accurate communications becomes even more vital. StaffCircle can operate even if the WiFi network is no longer functioning, instead utilising the GSM 3G/4G network enabling you to carry on communicating with your people.

Accessible even if you have zero data access with offline mode

When there is zero connectivity of any kind, StaffCircle mobile app automatically recognises this and switches to offline mode enabling access to the a certain level of content and database information.


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Organisations can now have their own branded employee app with multiple capabilities including the ability to change languages and enable certain features for teams of people. With a StaffCircle Workforce App branded to your business, you can improve your Employee Engagement and save hundreds of thousands of pounds in software development building your own app. Using StaffCircle’s workforce management platform you can provide workers with a branded workforce app which includes mobile intranet, enable sentiment and feedback for your people and digitise numerous workflows including Training, Worksheets, Personal Objectives and One2One Appraisal Reviews.