Performance management software for employees

Engage hybrid workforces with multi-device tools

Create better employee experiences with StaffCircle’s automated tools, consistently available to all employees anywhere, on any device.

Better employee engagement, higher retention

Worried about unengaged employees?

Almost three quarters of HR leaders find it difficult to engage and retain, with siloed processes and disconnected workforces.

Connect your disconnected team

Create a level playing field for desk-based, front-line and remote workers with cross-platform performance tools.

Better experiences, happier employees

StaffCircle’s automated tools prevent 1 in 3 exit interviews by increasing engagement by over 70%!

Kat D.
Marketing Coordinator

Streamlined and user-friendly platform

“StaffCircle is a great way to track our goals and feel purposeful as we work towards them. This ensures everyone in the team that needs to be is looped in and aware of the achievements being made and met.”

Engaged employees are powered by StaffCircle

All-in-one software that creates better employee experiences

Create an engaging company culture that attracts, develops and retains high-performing employees. Use automated tools to streamline employee experiences.

StaffCircle nurtures engaged employees who are invested in personal and company growth. Access real-time engagement insights to understand your workforce.

Desk-based employees

Employees want visibility and honesty in their own performance and development. Give them the tools to succeed with StaffCircle’s real-time feedback, regular 121s and shared objectives.

  • Understand their value with clear goals
  • Accessible performance and engagement tools
  • Trackable, employee-led development plans

Frontline workers

Often siloed by lack of access to HR tech, blue-collar workers are always included with StaffCircle’s simple smartphone app, on-the-go tracking, notifications, holiday booking and custom newsfeeds.

  • Dedicated mobile app for access anywhere
  • SSO with no Office 365 license required
  • Simple processes for inexperienced tech users

Remote employees

Keep remote employees in the know, working to shared goals and confident in their progression with standardised processes, accessible tools and regular, real-time feedback and reviews.

  • Dedicated newsfeeds standardise comms
  • Digital recognition empowers remote teams
  • On-demand check in‘s for better conversations

See StaffCircle’s employee-centric software in action

Businesses using StaffCircle nurture loyal, high-performing employees. See for yourself how automated development, performance and engagement tools power your people.

Seeing photos of works in far-off places, hearing of contracts won and celebrating alongside peers makes you feel part of the big picture.

It’s so easy to use and I log into StaffCircle every day! Being able to stay up to date with company news is great.

Keeping up with company news has never been easier, I feel connected to remote offices and it helps me stay on track with my objectives.

Ready to engage your team?

StaffCircle combines all the tools you need to drive performance, engagement and development with real-time, actionable insights.

The result? A resilient, high-performance culture.

StaffCircle customers:

  • Find it 33% easier to retain top talent
  • See 74% higher employee engagement
  • Reduce absenteeism by 20%