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Performance management & development

Create a high performance culture that directly influences business success. All in one place, you have the tools to improve employee engagement and act on their development needs through real-time, 360 degree performance management.

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Improve performance

Realtime feedback

360 appraisals, reviews & feedback

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Build high-performance teams

Align company and employee objectives to create a shared vision for the future with clear KPIs.

Performance visibility

Understand when, where, and how best to help your employees through real-time, ongoing performance management and feedback. Visually compare departments, teams and individuals across your whole organisation, wherever they’re physically based. Managers can identify high-performing employees who feel undervalued and take action before burnout sets in. They can easily identify where there are performance issues and take proactive action to address them.

Nurture and optimise talent

To attract, develop and retain talent, you must be able to record objectives, skills and achievements in one place, for continual reference and review. StaffCircle gives you the talent management insights you need to make consistent and personalised decisions for every team member. Improve employees’ impact with built-in performance review coaching. Make performance and development conversations more relevant, positive and proactive. Line managers can stop focusing on management admin and transform into high-value coaches, developing people for current and future roles.

Ongoing feedback & reviews

When you can give continual feedback and frequent reviews, they make a real impact on performance. StaffCircle embeds feedback and recognition into every day, creating a high performance culture where people feel accountable and connected to business success. Constructive, regular feedback builds confidence and helps people identify areas for improvement. StaffCircle provides easy feedback templates. Managers can review employee feedback any time, while team members can use the mobile app to request a check-in.

Transparent objectives

Setting, aligning and tracking organisational and employee objectives is fundamental to performance management. By putting measurable and attainable goals in context of business targets and priorities, managers create a clear understanding of what’s required and why it matters. With StaffCircle, managers can quickly and easily track team, department, individual and organizational progress towards these goals. When business priorities change, it’s easy to re-align individual objectives.

Performance management features

Performance Management Software

One2One Check-Ins

Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

Realtime Performance Feedback

Customisable 360 Appraisals & Reviews

Development Objectives

Performance KPI Objectives

Performance Leaderboard



Personal Development Plans

Dashboard & Reports

Tailored Rewards

Understand individual motivators and create meaningful, diverse and personalised rewards.

Retain & Develop Talent

Create an experience and environment that attracts, develops and retains the best individuals.

Employee Centric Approach

Deliver a great employee experience that keeps people engaged and motivated.

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