Performance Management Software

Automated performance management software drives your success

Use StaffCircle’s best-practice templates and tools to create consistently high-performing teams.

All-in-one performance management software

Out-of-control performance tracking?

A fifth of employees have no performance management process, causing disengagement and low productivity.

Reduce admin to focus on strategy

Leaders using StaffCircle reduce performance admin by up to 90%. 4 in 5 now access performance insights data in a day or less.

Performance processes that stick

96% of reviews in StaffCircle are completed on time thanks to simple, automated performance management software.

High-performance organisations trust StaffCircle

The all-in-one automated performance management tool

Traditional, paper-based performance management is underperforming. Employees are disengaged, and teams are under-delivering.

StaffCircle standardises performance management across your organisation, with automated tools and best-practice templates that drive productivity.

Performance management: not a tick-box exercise

Remove the red tape and make performance conversations meaningful. Performance management software gives employees the targeted, personalised feedback they need to engage, succeed and grow.

  • 360 continuous feedback
  • Automated performance review process
  • Best-practice performance templates built-in

Better performance: anywhere

Collaborate consistently without department or location-based silos. Track performance management in one online platform to standardise processes company-wide.

  • Central internal communication newsfeed
  • Fully mobile accessible platform
  • All employee data, in one place

Stop spreadsheets, start performing

Automate processes and reduce paperwork to streamline performance management. Ditch manual admin tasks and free up valuable hours to produce a better performance management strategy.

  • Understand your workforce, at a glance
  • Access real-time performance insights
  • Build custom reports to monitor performance

Performance processes that drive employee engagement

Employees aren’t engaged if goal tracking is a chore. Create an engaging process with self-service objective updates and track progress communications, automated reminders and check-in scheduling.

  • Align company and employee goals
  • Shared objectives create better teamwork
  • Employee-managed goal updates and tracking

Performance tracking and metrics in plain sight

Embed an open, honest and supportive performance culture. Access unbiased, visible data as it happens. Recognise your top talent publicly and identify upskilling requirements earlier.

  • Company-wide recognition notifications
  • Customisable awards and recognition
  • Layered continuous feedback for all employees

See StaffCircle’s performance management software in action

Create better employee experiences to improve performance, company-wide. See for yourself how automated performance management software creates productive teams.

We used to spend 4 hours per employee booking, completing and reporting on performance. With StaffCircle, it only takes 15 minutes!

StaffCircle is a superior tool for performance management and culture. We now have a bird’s eye view of each employee’s performance.

When StaffCircle was introduced, KPIs and performance management became so easy, clear and concise. It really is a great tool for our business.

What makes StaffCircle special?

StaffCircle’s performance management software automates and improves your existing performance processes. A range of best-practice tools enable you to improve engagement, drive productivity and capture real-time insights.

For HR leaders

Minimise performance admin, stop working from spreadsheets and focus on creating strategies.

For managers

Follow best-practice templates to create, develop and maintain high-performing teams.

For employees

Understand how their performance impacts your organisation with clear goals and feedback.

For your C Suite

Confidence in your evolving people strategy thanks to accurate, real-time data and reports.

Ready to improve performance?

StaffCircle’s performance management software combines all the tools you need to drive performance, engagement and development with real-time, actionable insights.

The result? A resilient, high-performance culture.

StaffCircle customers:

  • Spend 90% less time on performance admin
  • Find it easier to retain top talent
  • See 74% higher employee engagement
  • Experience 57% lower employee turnover

Performance management software FAQs

What is performance management software?

Performance management software helps businesses improve their performance by enabling employees to work more productively. The software makes sure that individuals and teams are working towards the same goals as the company, and that they are engaged in doing so.

What is continuous performance management?

Instead of annual performance reviews, continuous performance management involves regular check-ins and continuous feedback. A performance management system provides the tools needed to support this approach.

How does performance management software work?

StaffCircle’s performance management software combines engagement, development and performance to drive employee progress and organisational goals. The comprehensive suite of tools work holistically to deliver better employee engagement and simpler workforce management.

How can StaffCircle improve our performance management process?

StaffCircle drives better employee performance with its unique combination of employee engagement, performance and development tools. Our performance management software creates a central hub for employee success, featuring essential tools such as:

  • Engagement surveys
  • Performance evaluations
  • Goal management
  • Peer recognition
  • Continuous feedback
What to consider when choosing performance management software?

Budget: It’s important to understand the ROI that a new performance management process could provide. Employee performance gains can often offset the cost of new performance management software.

Usability: Performance management software that’s user-friendly will be more effective, so it’s vital to find a solution that has been built with ease of use for managers and employees in mind. A system that has at-a-glance performance reports and dashboards for HR leaders can save hours of admin and reporting time.

Customisation: You need to ensure that whatever performance management software you purchase and deploy can be tailored specifically for your business. Software that is customised to your brand and the right mix of performance management features will help with employee engagement and adoption.

Need help choosing the best performance management software? Download the Buyer’s Guide to Performance Management Solutions in 2023.

How do changes to performance management affect employees?

Regular and meaningful performance reviews and a vehicle for employee feedback will cultivate better professional relationships, enable clarity around goals, and increase productivity and job satisfaction.

Does performance management software work for distributed teams?

StaffCircle was created with distributed talent management in mind. Our performance management software can enhance in-office, hybrid and remote organisations. The platform is easily accessed via the internet and can be used on desktop, tablet and mobile devices. With a range of integrations, including dedicated Microsoft Teams support, StaffCircle supports better employee performance however you work best.

Can performance management software be customised?

StaffCircle’s performance management software contains flexible features that can be tailored to meet your business requirements. The platform can be updated to match your branding, and our performance management processes can be customised to deliver your employee performance goals.

Does StaffCircle provide performance management software training?

We’re dedicated to making sure each customer makes the most out of our performance management software. All users are onboarded by one of our expert implementation engineers, and ongoing support is provided by our Customer Success Managers.

StaffCircle drives better employee performance, so we’re with you every step of the way.

Can StaffCircle help with talent management?

StaffCircle’s unique combination of performance management, employee engagement and skills development creates employee success. Our performance management software helps businesses to effectively develop, reward and retain top talent.

How much does performance management software cost?

Our performance management software grows with your company. StaffCircle pricing models are based on the number of employees at your organisation, combined with the modules you choose. Each package comes with built-in integration support, dedicated customer success advice and proven performance templates.

Do performance reviews improve retention?

A consistent performance review process builds high-delivery teams. It gives every employee the confidence to request support, feedback and direction. Support managers to lead better with action-driven templates, automated alerts and data insights.

How does continuous feedback enhance performance management?

Real-time, quality feedback drives better performance. StaffCircle allows you to access unbiased performance insight with on-demand employee feedback. Enhance performance reviews and collect targeted feedback with actionable observations from peers, managers, self-reflection and customers.

How do effective goals impact performance management?

Clear goal tracking is crucial to high performance. StaffCircle gives employees the power to track and update progress on their terms. Link individual goals to departmental and company-wide targets with purpose-led goal tracking via OKR and SMART objectives.

How does recognising success drive engagement?

Recognition improves performance management through employee satisfaction. With StaffCircle, you can unlock the power of praise to attract, engage and retain top talent. Share success with customisable awards linked to company values to create a productive culture.

How does StaffCircle’s OKR objectives software improve performance?

Seamlessly integrate company objectives into day-to-day activities like one-on-one meetings and performance reviews with StaffCircle. This ensures continuous focus on key goals. The software facilitates easy allocation of OKRs to individuals, departments, or teams, promoting transparency and a shared sense of purpose.

Simplify goal tracking, allowing updates during regular check-ins and providing clear progress timelines and dashboards. Employees can actively engage in goal-related conversations by customising updates with comments, images, and documents. Automated alerts and reminders keep everyone on track, and the software’s open API enables smooth integration with existing systems like Microsoft Teams, fostering a more connected and productive workplace.

What makes StaffCircle’s performance reviews different?

StaffCircle automates check-ins, saves time with reminders, and ensures meaningful conversations during reviews. StaffCircle’s review tools are created to be streamlined for managers, whether they occur monthly or weekly. You can schedule them in batches and get reminders to encourage consistency.

These reviews incorporate daily activities like One2One Check-ins and feedback, building a complete picture of employee performance linked to goals. StaffCircle guides review conversations with best-practice templates and questions, saving time and driving meaningful conversations. Powerful insights are provided through dashboards, aiding decision-making about your people.

How does StaffCircle enable employee recognition?

StaffCircle transforms your workplace into an irresistible hub for top talent by integrating Awards & Recognition. This not only increases engagement but also aligns recognition with your company’s goals and values. You can link awards to your mission, ensuring feedback contributes to your overall strategy.

StaffCircle’s customisable award types let you create unique awards for each core value, fostering a culture of appreciation. Take recognition beyond manager-to-employee by empowering every employee to celebrate colleagues, regardless of location or job role.

StaffCircle gives you control over the visibility of praise, allowing you to choose whether it’s visible to an individual, a select group, or made public. Announce awards with an Award Article in the communications feed, providing details that others can like, share, and comment on. This flexibility ensures that recognition in your workplace is tailored to your unique culture.

How often should reviews be carried out?

Traditional annual performance appraisals are outdated in 2023. They consume weeks, even months, creating a daunting and ineffective process. StaffCircle offers a better way with continuous 360 appraisals. These upgrades go beyond one-size-fits-all annual reviews, embracing the flexibility needed in today’s distributed workforce. Unlike paper-based appraisals, StaffCircle’s digital approach engages employees through regular, personalised progress conversations.

The continuous model caters to evolving employee expectations, providing more autonomy, frequent feedback, data-driven insights, and tech-driven progress tracking. In 2023, it’s time to say goodbye to the limitations of traditional appraisals and embrace the empowering nature of 360 appraisals.