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Performance management & development

Create a high performance culture, improve engagement and gain accurate reflections of employee development through ongoing performance management, all accessible from one platform.

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Build high-performance teams

Align company and employee objectives to create a shared vision for the future with clear KPIs.

Performance visibility

Understand when, where, and how to help your employees through real-time, ongoing performance management and feedback. Visually compare departments, teams and individuals across an entire organisation, no matter what they’re physical location. Allowing managers to identify high-performing employees who feel undervalued and take action before burnout sets in, or highlight underperforming individuals and suggest training and development to help them improve.

Manage talent

To attract, develop and retain talent, it is vital to document skills and achievements and be able to measure and reflect upon objectives. Our software gives you the talent management data you need to make the right call for your people. Create consistency for managers and improve the conversations with built-in performance reviewing coaching. Strong vision and support from leaders is required to transform talent management to focus on employee experience. Managers need to move beyond quotas, compliance training and ticking diversity boxes to become coaches, developing people for current and future roles.

Ongoing feedback & reviews

The fundamentals of performance management – aligning people to business goals, evaluating and providing feedback, recognising and rewarding high performers – should drive productivity and lead to engagement. The ability to carry out ongoing feedback, reviews and appraisals will improve employee engagement and productivity. By embedding ongoing feedback and recognition into day-to-day people, you can create a high performance culture with accountability and data driven actions. Regular constructive feedback increases confidence and helps people identify areas for improvement. Our platform allows you to track, store and access templates to refine the feedback process. Managers can review team members wherever and employees can request check-ins via the mobile app.

Transparent objectives

A core element of effective performance management comes with establishing and tracking your organisation’s and employees objectives. Combining a clear sense of the important goals throughout the company with a smart and malleable scoring system provides a great framework for hitting bold and ambitious targets. Employee goal-setting should be no different. By setting measurable and attainable goals, a manager not only fosters development but also can actively help strengthen the business and align employees with company culture. Quickly and easily track team, department, individually or organizations goals, add comments, review dates, ratings and much more.

Performance management features

Performance Management Software

One2One Check-Ins

Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

Realtime Performance Feedback

Customisable 360 Appraisals & Reviews

Development Objectives

Performance KPI Objectives

Performance Leaderboard



Personal Development Plans

Dashboard & Reports

Tailored Rewards

Understand individual motivators and create meaningful, diverse and personalised rewards.

Retain & Develop Talent

Create an experience and environment that attracts, develops and retains the best individuals.

Employee Centric Approach

Deliver a great employee experience that keeps people engaged and motivated.

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