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StaffCircle intelligently analyses every employee interaction to build an accurate picture of performance and potential, in real-time.

Understand your workforce at a glance.

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Supporting financial services organisations to perform better.

Engage, upskill, retain and improve performance in one platform

Drive performance management with automated processes, access dedicated engagement tools, and craft detailed development plans. All evidenced by employee data that’s collected instantly.

Perform, engage and grow

Increase productivity and loyalty with a suite of tools that drive performance and engagement. Prevent wasted time, embed mentoring and distribute policies company-wide.

Help them perform better:

  • Real-time feedback
  • Development plans
  • Objectives, OKRs and KPIs

Operate efficiently

Evidence regulatory compliance for customer-facing roles with StaffCircle. Reduce reputational and monetary risks with trackable, automated processes.

Keep your business running smoothly:

  • Performance reviews
  • Automated scheduling
  • Alerts, reminders and notifications

Upskill with real-time insights

Easily identify training requirements and upskill opportunities with deep insights. Understand who meets requirements and plug any knowledge gaps.

Build a skilled workforce:

  • Real-time employee insights
  • Single source of truth
  • Dashboards and PowerBI integration

Use case: StaffCircle for Financial Services

The problem: Difficulty documenting strict compliance and regulatory requirements of the sector, combined with employees who lacked confidence in their abilities.

The organisation was losing business deals due to a lack of cohesive processes.

StaffCircle’s solution:

  • Reviews allowed the business to create rigorous training schedules with touchpoints and goals at various stages
  • Data-driven insights enabled the business to identify gaps in knowledge for upskilling employees
  • Reduced employee churn and helped laser-focus staff as employees became more engaged

Supporting financial services leaders to engage, perform and grow

StaffCircle intelligently analyses every employee interaction to build an accurate picture of performance and potential, in real-time.

HR & People Leaders

Keep on top of performance management with consistent processes that automatically collect accurate employee data.

Spend less time on daily admin and focus on the strategies that help you retain, evolve and grow.


Work ‘on’ your business rather than ‘in’ it, using accurate data insights to strategise effectively.

Boost business performance, retain your top talent and enhance your brand reputation.

CFO & Finance Leaders

Stop relying on manual, biased reporting from multiple departments with a single source of truth for employee data.

Save money, operate efficiently and improve retention to reduce costs and drive profit.

Ready to improve performance?

StaffCircle combines all the tools you need to drive performance, engagement and development with real-time, actionable insights.

The result? A resilient, high-performance culture.

StaffCircle customers:

  • Find it easier to retain top talent
  • See 74% higher employee engagement
  • Experience 57% lower employee turnover
  • Reduce absenteeism by 20%