Personalised and Accessible Communications

Remove the digital divide and create a consistent communications experience for your entire workforce

“StaffCircle connects all our employees
desk and non-desk based, improving
communication across our entire

Nik Wood, Operations Director

“Its helped us provide consistent
performance management which has
increased our employee engagement and work performance.”

Dale Moreton, Managing Director

Internal Communications App Features

Create your own mobile intranet

Provide consistent and easy access to your internal
communications using mobile phone, pc, laptop, or tablet without any app install required.

Add rich content – video, audio and file attachments

Send articles, alerts, awards, promotions and training through your company news feed. Share videos, images and files quickly, creating professional looking company updates with ease.

Push messaging for real-time employee updates

Our latest generation platform ensures a high level of engagement by pushing new articles and alerts to people using multi-channel delivery using SMS, email, InApp alerts and push notifications.

Personalised messaging using the template editor

Personalising employee communications increases engagement levels. Built into our platform is a template editor enabling you to customise every communication - even SMS messages using the built-in merge fields.

Read log allows you to see who has read and not read an article

Knowing when an article has been read can be critical. StaffCircle logs who has read and not read an article and enables you to quickly re-send notifications to those who have not read.

Dedicated mobile app and web portal for your brand

Create and customise your workforce app using your own branding, colours and fonts. Customise menus and app icons for mobile - extending your brand into your employees pockets.

Segment staff into teams to ensure relevant audiences

Teams enable you to send communications to relevant people. Teams can span departments or locations and have their own folders. Articles can be addressed to a particular team, ensuring only members to see the contents.

Integrated urgent alerts (SMS/InApp/Email)

Send 2-way urgent messages to office locations, teams, people or departments as part of the platform. Messages are sent multi-channel by either email, sms and InApp alerts to ensure they are received. Replies are logged in the system.



Improves worker engagement and information attainment


Reduces employee attrition


Increase in workforce morale and productivity

Usage Scenarios

Improve Communications and Engagement

On-demand internal communications for all of your people

2-Way Internal Communications App

Enhances your ability to communicate with your non-desk and desk-based workers using SMS, Email and App notifications. Our mobile intranet allows all workers to receive and respond to messages even if they don't have the app installed. 

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Activity Feed - Mobile Intranet Software

Allow staff to see all relevant information for their team and department as well as direct messages. Messages can contain video, photos, text, as well as attachments and links.

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Likes and Suggestions

Feature allows employees to like a particular post and submit suggestions or ideas which are automatically routed to managers based on the post relevance and hashtag.

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