Web and Mobile enabled Time Tools for Everyone

Remove headache of Overtime, Sickness & Holiday Management 
Eliminating your Managers wasted time using outdated spreadsheets.

People Directory with Skills Search

Employees can locate other workers within the organisation by name, department, location or even
their skill set.

Workforce Sentiment

Get early warnings of potential worker attrition by keeping track of Workforce Sentiment. Workers can register their sentiment through Happy or not controls accessible throughout the system.

Onboarding with Files & Folders

Files & Folder access ensures your workforce always has access to relevant HR Information and can also use it to upload documents by using their phone’s camera – useful for P.45’s, Insurance, Licenses.

Holidays Requests & Sickness Notifications

Provide an easy way for workers to request holidays or leave and register sickness. Automated logging and manager authorisation controls removes manual processes saving valuable HR time.

Employee Timeline shows complete view of engagement and activity

The timeline shows employees total engagement and logs when a document is competed or read or communication responses. This gives managers a complete view of engagement levels when performing appraisals.

Skills Management for your Enterprise

Allocate skills to employees and log additional skills gained from completing training or achieving objectives. Skills are also available for Teams enabling them to be searched across the enterprise.



Increase efficiency in the HR department by enabling self-service with various HR workflows


Reduces employee attrition with Sentiment Analysis


Employee Engagement Analytics gives Leaders the Insights to take action

Improve Human Resource Management

Access anwhere HR Tools for Desk and Non-Desk based employees & contractors

Organisations that want to extend their Directory digitally to all Employees

In large organisations or businesses who are growing quickly and can be difficult to maintain the quality of performance management or the visibility of people's performance in a distributed workforce with numerous sites.

Automating laborious HR functions

HR Leaders can use Award Recognition to motivate the workforce to align with good behaviours. Our awards system can be used to instil Company values or be used to reflect and recognise great employees.

Extending Duty of Care to include a Sentiment Channel

Delivering a consistent approach for managers to perform regular appraisal reviews with their direct reports is crucial to delivering exceptional performance.