StaffCircle AI

Increase productivity with AI-powered performance tools

Automate people development processes and maximise HR, L&D and Manager productivity.

Simple and powerful AI-assisted performance tools

Spending too much time on admin?

Leaders spend too much time on admin, and it limits how much time they can spend strategising.

Automate manual processes

Automating processes with StaffCircle AI reduces the time you spend on admin by up to 90%

Better planning, better productivity

67% of StaffCircle’s leadership users find future planning more effective with automated tools.

Automating performance management with StaffCircle

AI tools that power better performance

Leaders wear many hats. Company recruiter, in-house therapist, cheerleader – you’re all of these and more. You’re stretched thin, with every process requiring manual admin work.

How can you support employees with the growth they crave, without bringing in additional team resources? Introduce AI.

Succession planning: powered by AI

Create ever-evolving teams with a vision for growth with AI delivered insights. Understand employee strengths and introduce development plans, or spot gaps in succession early thanks to detailed dashboards.

  • Dashboards highlight progression opportunities
  • Visualise competencies with Success Circles
  • Spot trends and stay ahead of issues

AI & people data: protected, secure & simple

Forward-thinking AI strategies, backed by stringent safety measures. A dedication to customer requirements and ethical standards, with a Safety & Ethics Council examining risk, carrying out additional bias tests and using industry-standard models to create automated tools.

  • Multi-layered AI Governance
  • Azure-approved models
  • Enforced geographic integrity

Coming soon: configurable AI prompts

Customise tonality based on your individual business culture. Choose platform fields to create truly customisable prompts and access the data you need, faster.

Coming soon: automated competency frameworks

Save time with automatically created competency frameworks. In just a few clicks, generate best practice career growth frameworks.

See StaffCircle’s automated platform in action

Our customers spend less time managing, and more time strategising. See for yourself how simple AI-assisted performance management software can be.

With a wide variety of functionality, StaffCircle has decreased the level of admin required and increased the level of insight available

The different ways to log and record employee data in StaffCircle has reduced our reliance on using many Excel documents to record information!

StaffCircle has allowed me to half my admin time, the system is exceptionally user friendly and the reports you can pull are great

What makes StaffCircle special?

StaffCircle intelligently analyses every employee interaction to build an accurate picture of performance and potential, in real-time.

For HR leaders

Reduce admin work with automated tools, help employees grow and accurately succession plan.

For managers

Reduce manual admin hours by using AI-assisted performance and engagement tools.

For employees

Feel heard and valued with personalised development and growth plans.

For your C Suite

Make data-backed decisions with accurate employee insights, not assumptions.