There’s hidden potential in your HR team

The StaffCircle approach to HR is simple: do less to do more. Through automation, our HR software frees up valuable time and improves your bottom line by allowing your team to focus on high-impact activity.

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Modernise the fundamentals of HR

Take the next step in improving the efficiency of basic HR tasks with StaffCircle. Automate and customise your team’s most frequent activities to make better use of their time and gain unprecedented insight.

Experience superior, effortless organisation

Large, dispersed organisations often accumulate a staggering amount of HR data that is difficult to sift through at a moment’s notice. With StaffCircle, the organisation of your data is built directly into the system, making your processes faster than ever.

Power employee success with next-level insight

StaffCircle goes beyond simply elevating your fundamental HR activities. Our software leverages machine learning and deep reporting capabilities to help you learn more about your workforce and drive employee success.

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Staff Circle gets real results

Every year, companies lose between 20-30% of their revenue to inefficiency. StaffCircle can change that, helping you to achieve:


reduction on time spent on admin


higher employee engagement


decrease in
onboarding costs


avg. reduction in
employee turnover

Are you ready to experience the full potential of StaffCircle

StaffCircle combines performance management, communications, company culture and HR to be the ultimate driver of employee success for your organisation. It’s the last comms and culture platform you’ll ever need to try.