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StaffCircle platform is built on a mobile-first platform, allowing you to create new feature modules or integrations.

Microsoft Office 365 Integration

Our Microsoft Office 365 Integration improves the end user experience and reduces administration for super users. Firstly it enables SSO (single sign-on) using your Office 365 login and secondly is enables synchronisation of users from Office 365 so new users added to Office 365 can be activated in StaffCircle automatically and users that have been activated in Office 365 will automatically be deactivated in StaffCircle.

Microsoft Teams integration

Our Microsoft Teams Integration turns Microsoft Teams into a fully blown employee engagement and performance management system with a deep level of functionality. The StaffCircle Teams Bot is on hand day and night to serve your employees requests.

Integrate reports & results

Export data, results and reports easily from the platform and integrate this with other platforms you regularly use using built in integrations or the StaffCircle open API.

Automatic import

Quickly and easily add or import individuals, teams and departments into the software. Managing users in bulk makes importing and modifying a large number of users easy. Import users in bulk from CSV, Excel, SQL, MySQL and Microsoft Office 365. Use the built-in Office 365 integration to fully automate the import, update or remove users.

Streamline HR processes

Benefit from increased functionality and integration with the rest of your HR systems. This is especially important in the employee review process, as it broadens the scope of reviews to encompass an employee’s entire lifecycle within an organisation.

Employee information that previously existed in silos is now centralised and highly visible for managers, enabling organisations to identify top performers and focus their retention efforts strategically.

Multi-Channel notifications

We integrate with emails, mobile SMS, desktops and calendars by pushing notifications across multiple channels, ensuring the delivery of your messages and news.

Consumer driven updates

We pride ourselves on listening to customer feedback and the changes our customers suggest actually get listened to. 50% of our product updates are driven by customer questions, requests and feedback, whilst the other 50% comes from our innovative software development team.

Integrations benefits

Increased functionality

SMS, email, calendar, phone & desktop notifications

10 TB document storage

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