Integrate StaffCircle with your existing tools

Save time and improve functionality by integrating StaffCircle’s automated platform with the tools you use every day.

Connect with your team, wherever you work from

StaffCircle bridges the gap between remote working and employee engagement.

Our performance management, engagement and development toolkit enhances your existing processes. No matter the tools you use, we work with you to improve culture and performance.

Synchronise your data securely with StaffCircle’s enhanced Microsoft 365 integration.

Reduce manual processes.

  • Easily populate StaffCircle’s platform with employee data using Active Directory
  • Adjust employee activation automatically based on their Office 365 status
  • Ensure new and amended employee information is accurate everywhere with Data Sync

Enhance security

  • Activate SSO (single sign-on) for all employees using their existing Microsoft 365 credentials
  • Authenticate platform access with 2FA (two-factor authentication)

Simplify and secure employee logins.

Reduce admin hours with streamlined employee management processes.

Streamline employee management and reduce administrative work with single sign-on and user sync from OneLogin. Use the advanced directory to drive employee information inside StaffCircle and synchronise automatically to hundreds of other supporting applications.

  • Enable SSO (single sign-on) for all employees using their existing OneLogin credentials
  • Enable 2FA (two-factor authentication) to authenticate platform access
  • Automatically sync data from OneLogin and other supported apps to update employee information

Engage your employees directly from Microsoft Teams.

StaffCircle’s Teams integration enables essential functions to be performed inside of the Microsoft Teams software, either on mobile or desktop.

Schedule reviews, give feedback and create objectives, without leaving your chat window.

  • Quickly send a critical alert via SMS/email/push to your team or site directly from Teams
  • Employees and managers can request and approve annual leave without logging into the platform
  • Stay informed with automated notifications of employee activity and reminders for milestone events

Build no-code automations with Zapier

Automate everything

  • StaffCircle integrates with many of the tools within Zapier to allow you to build no-code automations that support better business flow
  • Create automated workflows and triggers, without the need for developer support or extensive coding knowledge
  • For example: create Teams notifications that send on completion of in-platform surveys using simple Zaps
  • Or, create a Zap that updates a Trello board upon receiving a notification from StaffCircle
  • The possibilities are endless!

Simple and secure password management.

Let your employees access StaffCircle with a familiar login process. Streamline access to improve user adoption.

Reduce time spent on admin and make data processes a breeze by automatically updating employee details through Google Workspace.

  • Set up Autosync to keep records up-to-date and accurate
  • Increase enterprise security with a single set of login credentials per employee
  • Manually sync individual records to allow new starters to log in straight away

Power up your technical stack with StaffCircle.

Leverage StaffCircle’s intelligent insights with powerful workflows. Integrate your CRM, Calendar, AI Cognitive Services to improve strategy planning.

The abilities are limitless. Here’s a few of our favourite use cases:

  • Welcome new starters with an automated onboarding video sent through Microsoft Viva and Teams
  • Automatically update SMART objective progress when a sales deal is completed in supported CRMs
  • Block out employee’s calendars automatically when they book annual leave

Remain secure and automatically synchronised with StaffCircle’s Google Workspace integration.

Reduce manual processes.

  • Import Google Workspace Users to the StaffCircle platform for seamless set-up
  • Ensure employee data stays up to date with integration to Google’s Autosync
  • Synchronise Google Workspace and StaffCircle when employees sign up with auto-provisioning

Enhance security

  • Enable SSO (single sign-on) for all employees using their existing Google Workspace credentials
  • Restrict StaffCircle access to those using your company domain for added security

Enhance your ADP platform with employee success tools.

Enrich your existing ADP platform with tools that support Performance Management, Engagement and Development.

  • Access a range of new features, including newsfeeds, employee feedback, competency framework, one to one meetings and automated scheduling
  • Sync the ADP User Directory and automatically update changes to personal information, job role or department in StaffCircle
  • Enable SSO (single sign-on) for all employees using their existing ADP credentials

Comprehensive API & Webhooks enable seamless data transfer

Better reporting

  • Insights API enables advanced reporting queries and the ability to create bespoke reports within PowerBI

Seamless data sync

  • Public API supports automation solutions in and out of StaffCircle, allowing you to transfer data or create automations based on event triggers within the platform
  • Webhook function allows triggers on absences, awards, benefits, feedback, objectives & people
  • For example: use Outlook Calendar sync to automatically add approved absences to your calendar

Recruit, Succeed, Retain your top talent with Workable and StaffCircle.

Digitalise your processes with real-time insights that boost performance

  • Understand your workforce with employee insights and custom reports – as soon as you onboard them.
  • Easily digestible reports means you can identify future leaders, spot potential risks, and reduce admin hours.

Engage employees with regular, consistent feedback and reviews

  • From recruitment through to retention, your workforce are kept engaged with regular reviews of their SMART goals and OKRs – ensuring they grow with you.
  • 57% lower employee turnover rate for those organisations using StaffCircle

Encourage career development and watch your employees grow

  • Motivate your employee to reach their own goals, whilst helping the business to achieve their overall goals simultaneously.
  • Combine custom reports and dashboards found in StaffCircle, to help you to identify gaps and development opportunities at a glance making succession planning easy.

Important documents, signed in seconds.

Employment contracts, policy updates or NDAs. No matter the document, you can track progress and completion at a glance within your StaffCircle Platform.

Signable makes it easy to send files straight to your employees’ inboxes to be electronically signed.

  • Reduce contract turnaround time significantly with electronic signatures
  • Gain complete visibility of employee acknowledgement with live updates and dashboards that show documents sent and signed status
  • All documents are secured every step of the way with SSL encryption security standards

Simplify employee data integration with 30+ HRIS connectors.

Easy integration with data imports

  • Fetch data from your existing HRIS to populate the StaffCircle platform
  • Start using StaffCircle faster, with full workforce imports improving integration setup time

Auto sync

  • Keep your employee data fresh with an automatic sync with your current HRIS set up
  • Automatically load new employees into the StaffCircle platform for easy onboarding