Sep 4, 2018

Our new blog details the 20 ways that Internal Communications can fix an employee engagement issue

Aug 14, 2018

StaffCircle Release new Objectives & Review Explainer Video showing our latest feature. Now Employees have a consistant way to manage their Objectives and KPIs on thier mobiles and managers have a quick and easy way to perform Performance Appraisals.

Jul 31, 2018

Discussion on how organisations can re-tool themselves and take advantage of digital transformation with improved effeciencies, better engagement and faster workflow for all your people. Rather than jumping in, traditional business can take an incremental approach to transformation.

Jul 25, 2018

The Secret to Increasing Workforce Performance through Great Objectives Management

Jul 9, 2018

Employee engagement may not seem like a measure for the FD or CFO of a business to care about but it is. Poor employee engagement can lead to high staff turnover, poor performance, wastage, loss of business and more – all of which can hit the bottom line significantly.

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