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Employer Branding Framework : How to attract and retain top talent?

A 3-part Employer Branding Framework based on the latest research around employee experiences.

Hall Green Health Building

Case Study

Hall Green Health (NHS Trust)

Case Study on employee relationship management and how a gp surgery utilises performance management and communications software for increasing employee engagement and for Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessments.

Transitioning back to the workplace

Free Webinar

Transitioning back to work: Strategies for creating a financial and operational plan

In this webinar we'll be looking at strategies you can use to create a financial and operational plan for transitioning back to the office post Covid-19.



Alternative Performance Appraisal Template Pack

Performance management can be a complicated process that consumes a lot of time, has a lot of paperwork, and sometimes

Free Webinar

Deliver your Strategic HR Goals with Microsoft Teams

The answer to achieving measurable benefits that really move the needle on driving business resilience, could be as simple as extending the value of your existing systems, yet so many businesses are struggling to do this. This free webinar will give you actionable insights into into how you can get more out of your existing productivity platforms.


Performance Management 60 Second Demo

Watch a 60 second overview of our platforms performance management capabilities.

Case Study

All Foundations

All Foundations (UK) Ltd is a specialist piling contractor whose primary focus is to design and install cost effective foundation solutions.


Artificial Intelligence and Workforce Management Ebook

How artificial intelligence (AI) can help businesses connect with and manage employees more efficiently, specifically as it pertains to workers who do not use computers in their everyday work.

Free Webinar

Power Up Your Performance Management

In this webinar we'll be looking at what are the barriers to successful performance management, how to overcome these to suit hybrid work.