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Author: David Weatherby


Using Data For Talent Attraction, Engagement & Retention

Top talent act as multipliers, attracting additional top talent to work for a business. But attracting and retaining top talent requires more than just an appealing package of company perks; it requires a culture which values growth and learning, where employees are given ample opportunities

Automated appraisals

10 Ways To Overcome Challenges with Automated Appraisals

Performance appraisals are intimately linked to a wide range of employee behaviours. From the way they interact with their peers, managers and supervisors, to the successful completion of goals and objectives and the challenges they overcome, appraisals require a holistic view of an employee’s role

rethinking performance management

Rethinking Performance Management In The New Normal

Many UK businesses are currently in the process of returning to the workplace, even as large percentage of their staff continue as remote workers, creating new challenges for managers and HR leaders when trying to manage teams and individuals in the “new normal”. Employees returning


Why Employee Empowerment Is So Important

Creating a company culture which puts employee empowerment at the forefront allows for a dynamic workforce in which self-determination and innovation can drive higher performance. By using performance management software to engage with your employees and recognize their contributions to your company, empowerment can become

Employee phone performance management

Best Performance Management Software 2020 Review

As businesses continue to adapt to the pressures of transitioning from remote working during lockdown to on-site working, making sure they have the best performance management software is more important now than ever before. The debate over paper versus digital is over and companies which

Chess pieces

What Are SMART Objectives?

Goal setting is one of the universal facts of life. Whether we’re trying to fulfil our personal ambitions or simply making the most of our spare time, planning ahead and setting objectives is a fundamental aspect of the way we live. In the corporate world

A Guide To Performance Management Cycles

For companies seeking to stay ahead of the competition, annual performance reviews are no longer enough. Instead, an ongoing process between managers and employees encompassing goal-setting, continuous feedback and recognition is necessary for growth-inducing motivation and engagement. These processes are drawn together in the performance