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StaffCircle provides real benefits

Result                        Benefit
Multi-channel Communication

Reaching everyone including distributed workforces with no computer access

Better company culture, inclusivity, employee engagement

Flexible Performance Management

Works with any type of performance management process, not just continual performance management

Increased employee engagement and consequently increased productivity, reduction in staff turnover


Workflows, nudges, auto-scheduling, e-signatures, and paperless customisable forms ensure compliance and save time

More productivity & efficiency, better employee experience, positive perceptions of the employer brand

Sentiment Checking & Analysis

Identify areas of risk or in need of action to continually improve culture and retention

Data-driven insights and decisions

More Strategic HR Function

How StaffCircle delivers ROI

drop in absenteeism with businesses that have engaged teams

Our customers report that StaffCircle’s features such as Awards, Newsfeed and One2Ones increase employee engagement between 23-74% which in turn reduces absenteeism.

average reduction in employee turnover due to improved experience

It can cost twice an employee’s salary to recruit, hire and train a replacement. Because our platform gives you instant visibility into employee satisfaction levels at any given moment in time, you can build an engagement strategy that retains your top talent and save all those costs.

reduction in admin time (on average). Read the success story of Pitacs Ltd here

“When you say ROI, do you mean return on investment or risk of inaction?”
Paul Gillin

Watch this video to learn more about the ROI of StaffCircle

StaffCircle has given us the ability to truly pull together the elements of our HR strategy in to one platform that allows for an interactive and meaningful experience for our teams. We have found StaffCircle to be continually innovating to meet the ever-moving demands of people management and effective communication. I can also genuinely say that the customer support is second to none.

Keith Davidson – HR Director, Absoft

Skyrocket your employee engagement and save re-hiring costs

Research by Gallup shows that employees who are not engaged cost their company the equivalent of 18% of their annual salary. In contrast, highly engaged employees are 14% more productive.

But keeping your workforce happy, engaged, and motivated in a world of hybrid and remote working can be a challenge. This is where StaffCircle is a game changer. The platform lets you foster a community, create connections regardless of location and combine rewards with meaningful feedback and recognition. This way you can give your team what they truly want.

Free up the time it takes for your managers to set up and conduct performance reviews

Could you save hundreds of hours for every one of your managers annually?

Deloitte found that most managers spend around 210 hours on performance reviews. Even for 10 managers, that’s a whopping 2100 hours (or 3 months!) each year.

With templates, automation, and scheduling tools your managers only need to click a button, and the system automatically guides them through every type of review. Plus, it records goal progression and feedback in a transparent way, so you can be sure that evaluations are objective and fair, transforming your managers into megastars of motivation.


Can StaffCircle grow and scale with my company?

Definitely. We want to make the growing process easy and seamless for you – which is why we offer extra flexibility by adding features on-demand. If your company is just starting out, then don’t worry! You can always upgrade your package later, to one that will suit all your needs.

Is there a minimum number of users?

Although there is no limitation on the minimum number of users you can have, and the subscription is on a per-person basis, you will get the most return on investment from StaffCircle with 50 people and over.

Can I purchase individual modules?

Performance Management and Culture & Engagement are included in one package, but we understand that every situation is unique, so you have the freedom to decide which features you want to turn on and which you want to roll out later. Purchasing the Skills & Development module is optional.

What level of support is included?

One of the best things about StaffCircle is the service our customers get. You have access to a dedicated Implementation Manager, Product Trainer and Account Manager. We have no call centers or automated robots, just friendly humans who love to talk to their customers. And we always aim to resolve any queries within 48 hours.

How much does implementation cost?

Because size does matter (where a larger number of users can make the implementation process more complex) we have created an easy way for you to calculate your company-specific costs, just click here.

How secure is StaffCircle?

Growing from the Microsoft Incubation Programme, StaffCircle’s software ensures that your data is kept secure and compliant with industry regulations. Whilst customisable security configurations will give you the flexibility to meet your business-specific needs.

The mixed authentication allows you to run Office 365 logins, whilst for external network and deskless employees who are not equipped with IT checked devices login can be achieved with their mobile number. This ultimately makes the platform very secure, taking the headache out of separate virus checking.

We are also ISO 2700:2013 certified which means we take security seriously by having a robust approach to keeping employee data secure and managing risks.