Success Circles™

A Competency Framework for the 21st Century

A revolutionary feature from StaffCircle for measuring,
analyzing and visualizing employee performance and
cultural alignment.

Transform how you assess employee competencies

Success Circles™ provide a highly visual, real-time graphical scorecard of an employee’s competency alignment. Each slice of the circle represents a competency, which can be linked to other StaffCircle functions – such as awards, objectives, or company values – for an accurate and easy-to-understand representation of employee performance. 

A balanced view across the entire company

  • Visualise data from various inputs in a single graphic
  • Updated across different parts of the StaffCircle system
  • Includes manager’s input and input from across the organisation
  •  … all while integrating across existing systems and processes.

The modern approach to competency assessment

  • Easy to understand 360-degree view of employee success
  • Measure employee competencies across cultural alignment as well as performance
  • Break down competency data to analyse individual scorings

Real-time data visualised in a single scorecard

  • Success Circles™ help continually move objects based on up-to-date information
  • Facilitate early intervention by noting fluctuations in competency alignment as they happen
  • Collect more accurate data for employee reviews

… and so much more

Employee competencies are loaded onto the performance management system and can then link to various other parts of the system to drive your Performance Circle.

Review Success Circles™ display input from various parts of the business, allowing for a more in-depth analysis of performance and behaviour during an employee review.


Trusted by 12,000+ users

We made the absolute right decision bringing Staffcircle into our organisation. They are so passionate and knowledgeable and the platform is so easy to use and incredibly effective.”

Heather Magee, EValue

I have been in the HR / Training / Change business for rather longer than I would like to admit and as soon as I experienced Staffcircle, my comment was – I wish I had this 20 years ago!”

Steve Powell, All Foundations

We are a large GP practice and have been looking for a suitable HR platform to encompass all our current and future needs”

Jo Calderon, NHS