Policy Documents

We’re focused on delivering employee success and keeping employee data secure is part of that process. StaffCircle adheres to the highest security standards, so our customers, their employees and their data remain safe, confidential and secure.

Data Protection Policy

This document outlines the policies and procedures that StaffCircle follow when dealing with personal data under GDPR.

Office 365 Integration

This document outlines the connection between StaffCircle and Microsoft services to allow Single Sign-on (SSO) and user information sync.

Security Policy

This document outlines each of StaffCircle’s security policies; including multi-tenancy, encryption, regulatory compliance, data protection and compliance.

Pen Testing Certificate

This document is to certify that StaffCircle has undergone security testing services performed as part of an ongoing defence in-depth program.

Disaster Recovery Policy

This document covers the potential disaster scenarios that may affect the usage of the StaffCircle Platform as of 20 Oct 2020.