StaffCircle’s mission is to Engage, Empower and Enhance people at work.


StaffCircle provides a work platform which improves internal communication and feedback and provides easy access to training, ideas, tasks and company directory. This is delivered it to staff via the smartphone in their pocket, or tablet or pc.


StaffCircle recognises that communications and knowledge sharing needs to improve in the workplace and designed a platform to improve it.


Increasing productivity, engagement and retention of employees pays big dividends, especially in industries where a digital divide exists between desk and non-desk based workers. It costs an organisation over £30,000 every time an employee leaves and it takes approximately 6 months for a replacement to get fully up to speed. StaffCircle helps reduce staff attrition, speeds up new-starter on-boarding and improves overall communication in the workplace.


After spending 20 years building software to improve employee to customer engagement we realised noone was building a unified platform  for effective internal communications and productivity so we set about building StaffCircle. We also saw that the tools that were out there were insular and disconnected from the others so what was needed was a unified tool connecting all of the structured communications together. Communications and information like Alerts, Tasks, Worksheets, Documents, Directory, Ideas, Articles, Training, Objectives & Reviews are integral to a persons working life but until StaffCircle there was no one unified place to access and consume these.