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Interconnecting Features to Streamline your Organisation

Branded Company Workforce App

Extends your company’s brand into your employees pocket and creates an employee centric location for your company which is easily accessible ...

Mobile Intranet with Activity Feed

Gives your people a real-time feed of company information and personal notifications which can generate likes and suggestions . Info feed items can contain ...

Objectives and Reviews

Gives staff and easy way to view their objectives and then add notes or update progress ready for a one2one review with their manager...

Tasks and Worksheets

Allows you to digitise many paper based forms and complete them as one off or recurring tasks using your smartphone, tablet or pc. Worksheets can be ...

Holidays and Absence

Provides an effective way for employees to request both holidays and notify of sickness or absence. Helps reduce the HR burden...

Employee Directory

Provides and easy way to find other teams, people or sites within the organisation either by searching name, geo-location or skill set...

Video Training

Gives your people an easy to access method of re-training or learning new procedures and skills from their smartphone or iPad. Teaches the YouTube generation ...

Mission and Values

Gives your people an easy way to review the Company's mission and values and helps to ensure your culture is inline....

Employees connect from any phone or web browser you approve.

We provide a staff engagement platform which digitises sentiment, awards, communication, training, ideas, tasks, holidays and directory and delivers it to staff via the smartphone in their pocket. This reduces staff attrition and creates greater employee engagement, empowerment and productivity.

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