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StaffCircle powers your employee performance and engagement

Combine performance management and employee engagement into one cloud platform that measurably improves performance, strengthens culture and automates HR processes to deliver a better employee experience.

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Companies Using Our Culture and Performance Management System


One digital platform gives you multiple, powerful tools to drive productivity throughout your distributed workforce.

Accelerate business performance

  • Create a compelling, end-to-end employee experience by engaging everyone
  • Drive performance and nurture talent with effective appraisals, 360 feedback and real-time performance conversations
  • Communicate through a range of digital channels that can reach each and every employee
  • Get trustworthy, real-time insight into sentiment, culture and performance
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Improve efficiency and value

  • Streamline HR, comms and management processes
  • Extend the capability of your existing Microsoft software with a secure Microsoft Teams-based integration
  • Easy for users to adopt, with familiar Microsoft controls and apps
  • One secure repository for performance and communications content and one single source of truth for the leadership team
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Platform Features

Comms & culture

  • News feeds
  • Social intranet
  • Mission & values
  • Employee feedback
  • Critical alerts
  • eNPS pulse surveys
  • Multi-Channel communications
  • Awards & recognition
  • Culture feedback
  • Today screen
  • Custom templates
  • Analytics & reports

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Performance & development

  • Performance management software
  • One2One check-ins
  • Monthly & quarterly reviews
  • Realtime performance feedback
  • Customisable 360 Appraisals & Reviews
  • Development objectives
  • Performance KPI objectives
  • Performance leaderboard
  • Skills
  • Achievements
  • Personal development plans
  • Dashboards & reports

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HR & time off

  • People database
  • Holiday & sickness booking
  • People importer
  • Departments & org chart
  • Groups
  • Documents
  • Sites & check-ins
  • On-boarding / Off-boarding worksheets
  • Absence policies
  • Working shift patterns
  • Absence types
  • Employee analytics & reports
  • Employee timeline
  • Sentiment analysis

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What StaffCircle can do for your organisation?

Timely and consistent interaction

  • One to one check-ins
  • Automate monthly and quarterly performance reviews
  • Recurring objectives and KPIs
  • Maintain end-to-end digital engagement for organisational agility and resilience

Meaningful and comprehensive feedback

  • 360 degree appraisals and reviews
  • Real-time feedback
  • KPI and development objectives
  • Management dashboard for individual and team scheduled tasks
  • Dashboards and reports

Clarity and motivation

  • KPI objectives
  • Performance leaderboard
  • Personal development plans
  • Achievements and skills


  • Awards and recognition
  • Social intranet
  • Employee feedback


  • News feeds
  • Today screen
  • Multi-channel delivery
  • Critical alerts
  • Custom templates


  • Mission and values
  • Competency framework
  • Real-time praise linked to values and behaviours
  • Custom branding

Insights for action

  • eNPS pulse surveys
  • Analytics and reports

Organisational information

  • Departments and organisation chart
  • Absence policies and working patterns
  • Time-Off calendar
  • Groups and documents

Employee self-service tools

  • Holiday and absence management system
  • Sites and location check-ins

HR tools

  • People importer
  • On-boarding and off-boarding worksheets
  • Working shift patterns
  • Employee timeline
  • Employee skills
  • Employee achievements

HR data and analytics

  • People database
  • Absence types
  • Sentiment analysis

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