Build High-Performance Teams

Align Company and Employee Objectives to Create
a Shared Vision for the Future With Clear KPIs

Improve performance

Managers can access a single source of information to align employee objectives with corporate priorities, highlighting areas that require attention and enabling faster, better informed decision making.

Consistent feedback

Create an easy, quick and consistent review process across the business. Managers can review team members wherever and employees can request check-ins via the mobile app.

Global visibility

Link company, department, and individual objectives to track company performance at-a-glance and take a deep dive into the data to see the best and worst performers.

Unlocks growth

Unlock the potential of your people and encourage personal growth with personal development plans to help scale for the future with succession planning capabilities. 

Performance Management


✔ 360 degree feedback

✔ Peer appraisals

✔ Self-appraisals

✔ Employee self-serve

✔ Skills assessments

✔ Weighted metrics

✔ Development plans

✔ Custom templates

✔ Custom ratings

✔ Progress reports

✔ Department reports

✔ Desktop, mobile & tablet

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Customer Testimonials

“StaffCircle connects all our employees
desk and non-desk based, improving
communication across our entire

Nik Wood, Operations Director

“Our ethos of continuous improvement is reflected by the adoption of this integrated and interactive communications and development management platform.

Keith Davidson, HR Director