Unify Team Objectives and Review Performance of
Office and non-Desk based workers using Web and Mobile

Personal OKR Objectives

Now everyone in the company can have their own OKR objectives dashboard. Objectives can be updated by 3rd party systems or manually updated. Managers can see their people's objectives progress in real-time.

Consistent Performance Reviews for employees and managers

Create an easy, quick and consistent review process across the business using either web or mobile. Now managers can review team members wherever and employees can request check-ins.

Visual Performance Analytics

Performance Analytics is built into the platform offering you Unrivalled visibility into how is performing and how needs assistance. Analytics shows a leader board and also managers who are behind with their performance reviews.

Link Company, Department and Personal Objectives

Give employees the visibility to see their objectives and how they are important to the overall department or business objectives. Enables leaders to focus everyone on achieving the main Business goals.

Recognise Employees with Awards

Recognition can be a powerful motivator. Our points based Awards system allows you to define any type of recognition, from a digital pat on-the-back to career promotions or Employee of the Year Awards.

Reward system for financial Incentives

Manage Rewards effectively and consistently across the organisation. The Rewards system is highly configurable and can provide an easy way to calculate annual bonuses, commission or a simple bonus for managers to assign with configurable authorisations.

“StaffCircle connects all our employees
desk and non-desk based, improving
communication across our entire

Nik Wood, Operations Director

“Its helped us provide consistent
performance management which has
increased our employee engagement and work performance.”

Dale Moreton, Managing Director



Increases Managers efficiency by streamlining and Mobilising the Review and Appraisal Process


Improves Employee Performance by Visualising their goals and enabling Remote Reviews accessible from their mobile


Gives Leaders insight into Manager Performance and Rewards can drive best practice behaviour at scale

Improve Performance Management

Access anywhere HR Tools for Desk and Non-Desk based employees & contractors

Organisations that want to improve visibility into managers and employee performance

In large organisations or businesses who are growing quickly and can be difficult to maintain the quality of performance management or the visibility of people's performance in a distributed workforce with numerous sites.

HR Leaders who want to instil best practice behaviours

HR Leaders can use Award Recognition to motivate the workforce to align with good behaviours. Our awards system can be used to instil Company values or be used to reflect and recognise great employees.

Operations Directors who want consistent Appraisals

Delivering a consistent approach for managers to perform regular appraisal reviews with their direct reports is crucial to delivering exceptional performance.

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