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Hall Green Health Building

Case Study

Hall Green Health (NHS Trust)

Case Study on employee relationship management and how a gp surgery utilises performance management and communications software for increasing employee engagement and for Care Quality Commission (CQC) assessments.

Case Study

Beccles Medical (NHS Trust)

Case Study on employee relationship management and how an NHS Trust member moved away from processes towards employee experiences.

Pharma Cover

Case Study

Reduce employee turnover, increase engagement – Biotech and Pharma Use Case

How Biotech and Pharma companies could reduce their employee turnover and increase engagement

Case Study

Pitacs Limited – Manufacturing – 6 minute read

How Pitacs Limited increased its employee engagement by 20%

Employee with suitcase

Case Study

TBR Chauffeuring Global Services – Transport Industry – 5 minute read

TBR Global Chauffeuring Services : How a dynamic approach to using technology can create an agile global workforce

Case Study

Stream Networks

Stream Networks is a provider of digital communications infrastructure and cloud services for businesses.

Case Study

Procomm Site Services

Procomm Site Services is a forward thinking modular building company formed in 2002

Case Study

All Foundations

All Foundations (UK) Ltd is a specialist piling contractor whose primary focus is to design and install cost effective foundation solutions.

Case Study


Absoft, SAP Partner and SAP Value-Added Re-Seller (VAR), has been specialising in SAP since 1991