Engagement that reflects your values, shaped by your employees

Employees produce their best work for causes they care about. With StaffCircle’s employee communication platform, you can integrate your organisational values into everyday internal communications and build a company culture that inspires, even remotely.

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Inspire employees to engage with company culture

How well do your employees know your company’s core values? Do they really care about enacting these in their everyday lives? StaffCircle gives your team members a voice in shaping the company culture to align to your mission.

Create engagement that lasts

So you’ve engaged your workforce – now what? It’s easy to slip back into old habits. StaffCircle’s extensive customisation, in-depth reporting and social features create, measure and perpetuate true cultural change and tangible results for your company.

Keep everyone up to speed

With many companies having switched to remote working, the odds of someone being left out of the loop are higher than ever. StaffCircle ensures that information – from the everyday to the urgent – is distributed consistently across your teams for improved employee experience.

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Staff Circle gets real results

Every year, companies lose between 20-30% of their revenue to inefficiency. StaffCircle can change that, helping you to achieve:


reduction on time spent on admin


higher employee engagement


decrease in
onboarding costs


avg. reduction in
employee turnover

Are you ready to experience the full potential of StaffCircle

StaffCircle combines performance management, communications, company culture and HR to be the ultimate driver of employee success for your organisation. It’s the last internal comms and culture platform you’ll ever need to try.