Branding & Customisation

Your performance, presented your way

Increase user adoption and engagement with a customisable performance platform that reflects your existing branding.

Your customisable performance partner

Overcome barriers to adoption

Convincing employees to use new, unfamiliar software is often a barrier to implementing new processes and gaining ROI.

On-brand performance and development

StaffCircle’s customisable platform feels like a unique piece of software, using your colours and language.

Faster adoption, engagement and ROI

Our customisable platform seamlessly integrates with your existing brand for simple, straightforward onboarding.

Tamsin J.
People & Experience Director

StaffCircle: our internal hub

“Everyone at StaffCircle has been so helpful, they have worked with us in a tailored and individual way, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach. Whenever we have questions, they have been quick, efficient and friendly.”

Your performance processes should reflect your brand

StaffCircle’s advanced customisation options reflect your brand visuals and tone of voice. Make your performance platform on-brand to support a more engaging, successful adoption process.

StaffCircle helps you boost engagement by working with you to customise the platform with your own identity.

Incorporate company colours, logos and background images along with customisable templates and tools to make a unique performance platform.

Bring performance, engagement and development in-house, with a customised platform that works alongside your existing systems, not against them.

What our customers say

We switched to StaffCircle, it’s much easier to navigate and I personally use it much more frequently than the previous platform.

Very easy to customise without the need for developer support. You can easily create bespoke solutions to meet your HR needs.

The most helpful aspect has been the personalisation, customisation and training provided by StaffCircle.

Take a guided tour of the StaffCircle platform

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