Help your workforce keep their new year's resolutions

Why you must help your workforce keep their New Year’s resolutions

Published on January 3, 2019

Your employees have come back to work with some targets to meet and some of them will help your business. Here’s how to make sure they achieve them.

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Employee engagement goes hi-tech

Employee Engagement is going high tech, it’s official

Published on December 17, 2018

GP Bullhound has released its predictions for 2019 and employee engagement is all the rage. Here’s how to get on board now.

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How to ensure your business has a brilliant January with your own branded workforce app

Published on December 12, 2018

After time off work celebrating the festive period, 2nd January can be tough. Here’s how to get your staff back at their best on the first working day of 2019.

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Ditch Excel for a Performance Appraisal tool that works

Published on November 27, 2018

If you are still using your Microsoft Office Suite as the main tool to help you administer and track performance […]

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Appraisal process

Is your appraisal process stuck in the Stone Age?

Published on November 15, 2018

if your business is one of many without a formal appraisal process, just how are you getting any good work from your staff? There’s no incentive. Learn how to fix this fast.

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Driving employee behaviours using a workforce management platform

Published on November 7, 2018

A perennial challenge for companies across industries and the world-over is maintaining a positive level of employee engagement. Of course, […]

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