Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

Outperform competitors on every measure of finance and productivity

Performance Review

Frequent & Meaningful Conversations

Monthly and quarterly reviews are known to be far more effective than annual reviews. Organisations with monthly or quarterly performance reviews outperform competitors on every measure of finance and productivity, whilst receiving positive feedback from employees at the same time.

Unfortunately, there are still many businesses that still undertake annual reviews. These reviews discuss a year’s worth of work with objectives that may no longer be relevant and can be considered a waste of time. Annual reviews do not seem like a valuable use of time and are not frequent enough.

73% of HR leaders who work in organisations that are still using annual reviews simply do not consider them effective, but rather ineffective. Annual reviews are too infrequent to have a positive impact on performance.

The ‘90 day’ rule

Performance reviews should be carried out every 90 days, or less – which means that it’s recommended to have reviews on a monthly or quarterly basis. Organisations looking to improve their company-wide performance should move away from the annual review to improve results, drive engagement and increase productivity and morale.

However, adopting this ‘90 day’ rule won’t be effective if a manager doesn’t utilise these reviews to their greatest extent, and it shouldn’t be a simple box-ticking exercise if results are not important.

Performance Review Software

Automatic scheduling

An efficient performance management system will help to save time by enabling monthly or quarterly reviews to be automatically set up, which can send calendar invitations to both managers and an employee.

At StaffCircle, we have created our own performance management which can include structured questions for guidance or free-text feedback if you’d prefer to create your own questions and topics of discussion.

Simple & easy to use

The software creates an easy, quick and consistent review process across the business which can be reviewed by managers at any time or place. Employees can also request ad-hoc check-ins through the mobile app which will then be sent to their manager to approve and schedule.

The purpose of the software is to structure reviews and to keep them consistent and regular through automatic scheduling. During reviews, employees’ open objectives can also be checked, and new ones created. This is done through the same review screen to simplify management. Managers and employees can complete questions and a review sheet which can be downloaded as a PDF or viewed online.