Monthly & Quarterly Reviews

Action-orientated monthly & quarterly reviews that deliver value to your business

Move away from annual reviews or yearly reviews that can only analyse past performance towards periodic reviews or regular reviews that help you and your team instantly course correct to achieve your company’s future plans.

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Employee review software that skyrockets performance

Monthly & quarterly reviews help to align goals


Align individual goals to team and organisational objectives

You can evaluate performance with monthly & quarterly reviews


Monitor performance and take a coaching approach to performance

Assess potential through monthly & quarterly reviews


Assess potential and create developmental activities

Increase the effectiveness of employee reviews

Offer constructive and unbiased feedback for personal development with 360-feedback data

Increase engagement and make reviews positive with employee recognition and awards

Retain employees by identifying training needs or career development areas with workforce analytics


Make the review process consistent and effortless

Regardless of the frequency (monthly reviews or weekly reviews) you can set up and schedule them in bulk for your managers so that all they have to do is just conduct them.
Reminders can be sent via multiple channels, including Microsoft Teams. This way, you can ensure a standardised approach where everyone is assessed exactly the same way.

Objective linking

Everyday activities build a full picture of employee performance

StaffCircle allows you to link One2One Check-ins, Real-Time Performance Feedback and Awards & Recognition to Reviews with a monthly review or weekly review, building a detailed picture of employee performance rooted in honest feedback. All this is tied back into goal setting and organisational objectives.


Let StaffCircle guide the review conversations

Save time and increase effectiveness with pre-loaded questions or upload your own specific ones. Whether it is a weekly review or a yearly review all your managers need to do is just go through them, StaffCircle does the heavy lifting.

Progress updates

Avoid micromanagement with in-platform progress updates

Have you got monthly or quarterly goals? Prevent managers from having to ask for status updates all the time with StaffCircle’s personal objectives feature. From the review section managers can get real-time updates on goal progression.

Performance leaderboard

See your highest performers at a glance

With the intuitive heatmap, you can instantly see your best performers at any given moment, in real-time. Create developmental activities that are built around your unique organizational competencies and create your succession planning strategy.

Self and manager evaluation

Compare opinions and detect discrepancies

View side by side how employees evaluate themselves and how it compares to manager assessment. Any discrepancies in scores can prompt further evaluations.

Teams Integration

Schedule or request a review from within Microsoft Teams

Accelerate adoption by making the process of Reviews super easy for your team directly from the familiar interface of Teams, without needing to go online or open a browser


Powerful insights that drive better decision making

Powerful dashboards that help you make the best decisions about your people and identify strong performers. Plus, powerful reporting features to keep an eye on who’s performing well in order to manage their workloads more effectively!

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

Watch how The Green Organic Dutchman saved $60,000 with StaffCircle

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