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Customisable 360 Appraisals & Reviews

Spend less time interpreting the results & more focus on taking action

360 Feedback Templates

When planning one-to-ones, appraisals or reviews, it’s important to have an organised and structured approach to the questions you ask and the feedback you provide. As appraisals and reviews are regularly set to improve the performance and development of your employees, you’ll need to have some structure and be prepared.

In preparation for these meetings, you may like to onboard 360 feedback, meaning that feedback is gathered from multiple sources in order to get a better idea of how employees are getting on in their role. This could be asking supervisors, managers, colleagues, peers and other members to provide additional information and their perspective to build a holistic overview of performance. This feedback is an effective way to gain insights into how the role of an employee impacts the rest of the organisation.

Of course, gathering 360 feedback can be messy and involve unnecessary paperwork, and 360 feedback alone isn’t enough. With that being said, using a customisable 360 appraisal incorporated into a broader performance management process helps it to become a highly effective development tool where all gathered information can be collated and kept in one place.

Our 360 feedback performance management system addresses a multitude of challenges faced by HR professionals. It also allows professionals to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that is provided. You can even structure feedback for employees, customers or contractors.

360 degree feedback view

Open Feedback

Our performance review templates enable you to define all structured meetings, ranging from probation reviews, one-to-ones, quarterly reviews and annual appraisals. These templates can be automatically created at specified time intervals whilst the agreed manager and employee is alerted to save time and reduce admin work. This also acts as a reminder, meaning that no important reviews will ever be missed.

Appraisal templates enable HR managers to create structured questions they would like to be answered during meetings or reviews. These templates are adaptable, meaning that each person, whether it’s an employee, manager or colleague, can be asked separate questions that may be more relevant to them and their job role. These templates can be customised to suit your business needs.

When gathering 360 feedback for appraisals, the tool enables you to specify all separate audiences to request them for their review feedback. This means that you can create a review for senior account managers which can ask not only the manager for their feedback, but also their colleagues and external customers or partners, or anyone that you choose to have the feedback sent to.

The branded templates can be used to set up different questions for different audiences but are entirely customisable depending on your own choice of suitable questions.Rather than directly approaching members of staff to gather 360 feedback, with the tool, you’ll be able to gain true and honest feedback from peers, managers and customers. Once feedback is complete, managers will receive completion notification whereby they will be alerted to review the completed results.

The launch of this feature represents a big step forward for performance management tools. The functionality has been built on Microsoft Azure for unrivalled stability and those who are already using the tool have been impressed with the reliability that the system provides.

Any users of the StaffCircle Performance Management module will have access to the 360 feedback feature.