Customisable 360 Appraisals & Reviews


Give and request feedback from individuals, peers, managers and external clients for skills mapping and a 360-degree overview of your entire organisation. Our AI capabilities can process feedback and highlight trends in a department or team, giving you a much more in-depth view and understanding than managerial feedback alone.

A structured and un-biased approach to feedback

Develop your people

Gather feedback from multiple sources and get a better idea of performance.

Remove any bias

Reduce bias with built-in templates to ensure consistency

Track trends

Highlight trends in a department by utilizing AI capabilities to process feedback.

360 appraisals from 5 different areas



Direct Reports



Make performance reviews more meaningful & productive

360 feedback templates

Streamline admin and keep meetings structured with customisable, automated templates for one-to-ones, appraisals or employee reviews.

Real-time performance feedback

Iron out any issues with performance before they turn into bigger problems with real-time feedback.

No more chasing with automated reminders

Give and request feedback with the click of a few buttons and let the system do the chasing for you with automated reminders.

In-depth analytics for better decision making

Empower managers to hold more actionable conversations based on trends and analysis from 360° data.

Customisable to suit you

Customize your performance review process and seamlessly manage everything in one place – StaffCircle adapts to fit your company’s performance management model.

Foster a culture of open & honest feedback

Get the full picture of skills, performance and teamwork

When planning one-to-ones, appraisals or reviews, gather feedback from multiple sources with ease. The tool enables you to specify the audience type and built-in templates help to structure feedback and create a consistent experience.

Automation for better people management

Our performance review templates enable you to define all structured meetings, ranging from probation reviews, one-to-ones, quarterly reviews and annual appraisals. These templates can be automatically created at specified time intervals whilst the agreed manager and employee is alerted to save time and reduce admin work. This also acts as a reminder, meaning that no important reviews will ever be missed.

Link feedback to performance AND culture

Performance-based feedback on its own is not enough. Align feedback with company core values and competencies to gain a holistic view of cultural alignment. This type of feedback is an effective way to gain insights into how the role of an employee impacts the rest of the organisation.

Drill down into manager performance

Culture starts at the top. With dashboards to drill down into manager performance, both HR and senior leadership teams can view how a manager is performing at any time and review employee feedback on a manager’s leadership and culture qualities.

Designed to fit your feedback process

Templates are adaptable, meaning that each person, whether it’s an employee, manager or colleague, can be asked separate questions that may be more relevant to them and their job role. These templates can be customised to suit your business needs.

Any users of the StaffCircle Performance Management module will have access to the 360 feedback feature.

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“Really helps build high-performing teams”

“It has helped us dramatically cut admin time and improve performance management across the business. Support is first class, and the customisation options excellent.”

Sam W.

Managing Director

“Everything you need, in one place!”

“The software lets you manage all aspects of HR with the added benefit of knowledge sharing. You can push out critical alerts to your team even if they don’t have a computer or work off-site.”

Sarah L.

Director of Business Development

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