Real-time Performance Feedback

Improve communications, reduce confusion & eradicate mistakes

Real Time Feedback

Proactive performance feedback

Using ongoing real-time performance feedback can reduce staff turnover, minimise absenteeism and boost your bottom line through better engagement, according to numerous studies. The use of real-time feedback for employees will iron out any issues with performance before they turn into bigger problems, as often, employees are unaware of when mistakes are being made.

If your employees feel like you are proactive with performance feedback, they’re more likely to understand how much you care about their role and the company. It can also reduce conflict and negative feelings in the team if bad performance from one employee is affecting other team members. Rather than waiting for it to build up, it’s better to take a proactive approach and handle performance on a regular basis in real-time.

Instant collaboration

When real-time performance feedback is seen as the ‘norm’, it becomes a valuable tool for improving performance and working relationships. Many businesses (and employees) make the common mistake of waiting for one-to-one performance reviews to really express how they feel, which can sometimes be too late. If feedback is communicated on a real-time basis, any issues will be dealt with, as and when they occur.

Real-time feedback with the help of a performance management system fosters a sense of belonging and meaning within an organisation through repeated engagement.

These regular conversations between managers and employees can help identify the causes of burnout before they lead to more serious issues, bringing to light any unfair treatment or lack of communication and support, as well as allowing managers to adjust workloads and deadlines to help employees remain happy in their role.

Real-Time Feedback Software

Regular appraisals, reviews & conversations

Our performance management system is designed to assist with delivering employee feedback, whilst still keeping employee engagement in mind. The software offers real-time employee feedback for regular one-to-ones, appraisals or employee reviews.

The software enables conversations between employees and managers across objectives and reviews, including one-to-ones and full appraisals. Realtime performance feedback means that your employees will be in the know, with alerts to new comments via email, push or SMS.

Changing from yearly reviews to ongoing conversations

Implementing ongoing performance management with the help of a comprehensive software suite will allow your company to go beyond traditional annual performance reviews and foster a committed, engaged workforce capable of delivering the best results.