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Annual appraisals are dead: Reviving your performance management in 2024

Join our VP of Marketing, Lewis Staples, to discover how to revive your performance management in 2024.

Evaluating an employee’s performance just once per year doesn’t cut it. Effective performance management strategies aren’t built on infrequent actions.

They’re built on regular, consistent feedback.

Whether you’re looking to transform your current processes or enhance what you’re already doing, this webinar will show you:

  • How continuous 360 feedback can maximise employee engagement and development.
  • How using real-time data insights can influence decision making and help to achieve departmental and overall business goals.
  • How to use automated performance management software to streamline your appraisal process.

The number of Gen Z employees in full-time work is now over-taking boomers, and employees want to work for businesses that will harness and nurture their growth.

It’s time to flip your performance management – we hope to see you on the webinar.

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