One2One Check-Ins

Monitor individual performance and development effectively

Build Trust Through Conversations

1-on-1s strengthen relationships

When carried out correctly, one-to-one reviews can be an excellent tool for both managers and their employees and is a tremendous way of monitoring individual performance and development.

Managers who have regular one-to-ones with their employees often find that their employees feel a sense of improved morale and engagement, increased productivity and have walked away from the check-in with a clear overview of their goals and expectations. Employees may sometimes feel a lack of understanding of their overall performance and progress. One-to-ones gives them access to both short-term and long-term insights into their performance.

Employees can benefit from the one-to-one with a clear understanding of what’s expected of them and provides them with an opportunity to show off their accomplishments, which otherwise may be missed out on. As these regular check-ins build a better rapport between employees and supervisors, it creates an opportunity to make any obstacles or issues known, leaving employees feeling like they can express themselves and be listened to.

Setting up one-to-ones

When ignored or not carried out correctly, one-to-ones can have a negative impact upon the way employees feel and how situations are dealt with. If you’re looking to carry out your one-to-ones the right way, you should set a recurring weekly or monthly review with each employee and discuss progress, expectations, targets, individual performance and overall company performance.

Once this criteria is logged in each review, you can then monitor performance after each one-to-one to see the ongoing progress.

Be Prepared, Open-Minded and Personal

Make the most of your one-to-ones

In order to make the most of your one-to-one reviews, you must be consistent by setting an estimated time for meetings and sticking to it. Setting an agenda and recurring schedule will ensure that your employees feel like you appreciate them and care about their wellbeing and progress.

If you want your employee to feel like they can be honest and confide in you, aim to keep the review informal with a prepared agenda otherwise they may feel uncomfortable sharing. Keep the tone informal and listen with an open mind. As a manager, actively listen to what your employee says and try to gain deeper insights into how your employee is finding their job role and what can be done differently. This is even more important for members of staff working remotely, as they may feel less inclined to speak up.

Use a one-to-one dashboard

Many managers (or team leaders) make the mistake of not using one-to-ones to their full potential. Of course, being busy is excellent for any business. However, many employees feel disadvantaged when one-to-ones are cancelled or missed altogether, so it’s crucial to reschedule if you find the sessions being delayed.

Our one-to-one check-in system automatically distributes emails and a calendar invite for both managers and employees. If any one-to-ones are missed, the system will chase members of management and flag it in the performance management system

A powerful and easy-to-use HR performance software tool will provide visual reporting tools, mobile access and streamlined objective measurement. Our system also allows real-time conversations, document attachments and optional structured questions with a score or text input.