Hands-on data learning: work experience at StaffCircle

This summer, StaffCircle brought three new recruits on board: Jak, Ryan and Caius. They were keen to understand the world of work during their summer holiday, so joined the StaffCircle team as Data Analysts.

Our summer recruits developed an understanding of how the business works. Their main day-to-day roles focused on data validation, performing essential work to cleanse and enhance our CRM system.

They spent time with various departments, including Marketing, Product and Customer Success to get an idea of different types of work and the day-to-day roles available in a fast-growing scale-up business.

Below, they each share how they found the StaffCircle experience, and how starting their working life in a company dedicated to employee success is shaping their plans for the future.


Work experience at StaffCircle

“During the time I have been working at StaffCircle, I have learned several skills, ranging from social and people skills all the way through to money management.

The work experience has been great as it has opened a gate for me to talk to people. It’s made me less nervous when joining calls with other team members and people I have never spoken with before.

The time I have spent working for StaffCircle hasn’t changed my future job plans, however, it has opened my eyes to the number of opportunities there are when working in a fast-growing business environment.

After the summer holidays, I am heading to college to study a teaching course for two years. After that, my goal is to teach in a primary school. In the next five years I would like to see myself learning, working and progressing through the school. Hopefully, in ten years’ time, I will be working towards the head of a department or even a year group.

 My time working for StaffCircle has been very enjoyable. The other employees were very helpful and made sure I never felt stuck on the work I was doing. I would certainly carry on here if I wasn’t going to college, and I’d like to thank everyone that helped me during my time at the company.”


Work experience at StaffCircle

I have learned so much from the StaffCircle team and being around them in an office environment. They taught me how different jobs work and how each department affects others and the business.

Working at StaffCircle this summer has been great. It’s all one big team and everyone is there to help everyone when it’s needed most. The working hours were flexible and the people I was able to meet along the way made it a great experience.

The laughs and the positive energy within the company was beyond my imagination. When I first joined the team, my mum warned me that it was a workplace and I needed to be serious. But I don’t think I have ever laughed so much in an office! The mood is just always positive, and the employees and managers were helpful and welcoming.

After I get my results, I am going to college next year to study Sport, Coaching and Fitness. Then I will head off to university to hopefully become a PE teacher. I have always spent my life playing sports, so it seems like a perfect career choice for me.

I really appreciate my time working with StaffCircle this summer. It has taught me so much; I have had a great time and would love to continue working there if they gave me the opportunity.”


Work experience at StaffCircle

“I have found working with CRM data interesting as I have been able to delve into StaffCircle’s marketing processes. I’ve also learned more about the features and opportunities that HubSpot offers.

The environment of the workplace was a lot calmer than I imagined it would be, and everyone was very friendly and helpful to us new employees. This helped us all to properly engage with the job as we felt comfortable asking for advice when needed.

In my time at StaffCircle, I have developed certain skills that I plan to use in my day-to-day life as I grow up. I have been given the opportunity to push myself to work as efficiently as I can and surpass what I thought I was previously capable of.

In 10 years’ time, I hope to see myself running my own engineering business, as that industry interests me the most. The experience of working at StaffCircle has allowed me to view and better understand how a business runs and is managed, which I can take inspiration from.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at StaffCircle and I hope that I have been useful as an employee as I have worked hard and tried to exceed expectations wherever I can. I have not decided what my next job will be, but I do know that the skills I have gained through working at StaffCircle will come in useful wherever I may work.”

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