People Database

Easily store and manage records

Employee Database Software

Remove the need for paperwork

Employee, contractor and candidate record management needs to be simple to use and easily accessible. With StaffCircle’s cloud HR software, you’ll no longer be limited to spreadsheets and masses of paper files. Ensuring that all details are accurate and up to date, you can store historic employee information and easily access it whenever it’s needed.

With our HR and People Management software, you can ensure that all sensitive employee, contractor and company information stored in the database is kept secure and compliant. The database will only be accessible to the right people. Having the information in one central place makes it easier to retain your employee information within one simple and easy-to-use system.

Manage and communicate

As a business owner or a manager, you’ll be able to monitor and update employee and company information in an accessible, intuitive and ultimately secure system. Paperwork is a thing of the past and can be complicated if employee information needs to be managed and updated from time to time.

Create a central source of truth with management of all employees, contractors and pre-employees. The system can store employee information, emergency contact information, job-related information, payroll information and much more. All information can be stored in one place.

Our people database system helps you save time on keeping all details updated. Whether it’s a change of job title, department, location, contact details or a home address, these changes can be made within the employee database and across company-wide. All HR information can be updated and managed as part of a comprehensive staff management system.

HR Database Software

Easily search & find

All employees can be searched within the employee database by name, department, status skill or location. User statuses can be configured to enable you to manage and communicate separately with various cohorts.

You can quickly search and view a summary of factors including their working hours, salary, benefits, absence record, appraisals, holiday entitlement and a record of their training.

Keep sensitive information secure

StaffCircle is a highly secure HR software system with a dedicated Security Centre. The system can help you ensure your employee database is secure and only accessible to the right people. Having all your information in one central place also makes it easier to remain employment law compliant, as you retain important employee information within one system.