Onboarding and Offboarding Worksheets

Automated and templated onboarding and offboarding processes

Onboarding New Employees

Consistency is key

Employee onboarding is widely known as the process of familiarising a new employee with the organisation’s processes, policies, the employee’s role, their direct reports and the organisation’s culture. It also involves creating an environment in which the employee is made to feel comfortable to interact freely with their colleagues and establish social relationships in the workplace. This process should be consistent across all departments and locations, regardless of their role.

The success of employee onboarding depends on the efficiency and consistency of the onboarding process. The quicker employees are empowered to do their jobs, the faster they are likely to become valuable, contributing members of the organisation.

Automated processes and worksheets

The built-in worksheet builder can be used to assign onboarding and offboarding worksheets and tasks to new or leaving employees or contractors. Employees will automatically be de-activated from the system at the end of their last day and a message sent to their manager to confirm deactivation. Worksheets can also be used for a variety of processes including health & safety, accident reports, travel expenses, timesheets and return to worksheets.

Communicating policies consistently is vital, it makes the employee aware of what the organisation constitutes as acceptable behaviour. Procedures, on the other hand, clearly define a sequence of steps to be followed in a consistent manner, such as how the organisation will respond to any policy violations.

Organisations need clear and ways of communicating and documenting receipt of these; should employees fail to comply with the acceptable standard of behaviour, it is documented in a centralised platform.

Promotions, Contractors and Freelancers

Onboarding temporary workers

Onboarding is not only associated with new employees. Employees move laterally into new roles, known as crossboarding, these need to be handled in a similar process. While they may already be familiar with organisational culture, team culture and direct reports may be different. While they may be familiar with company policies, they may still need a mentor to guide them through their new role.

Furthermore, outsourcing tasks and project support may involve onboarding individuals on a more temporary or ad hoc basis. Our cloud HR software allows you to keep all policies and documents in one centralised location, gaining digital receipt from the individual.

Offboarding with ease

Managers and HR teams can sometimes dread letting go of an employee, or worse, can appear cold towards the employee. This can create a sense of disappointment and resentment in employees and close off future possibilities of rehiring them or other recruitment opportunities.

It is critical to ensure all security protocols and regulations are considered, ensuring these are well-maintained even as employees leave the company months (or years) after their onboarding program. A detailed exit management template, timeline, and checklist will make this process foolproof, error-free and consistent.