OKR Objectives Software

Create an aligned workforce with OKR software

Turn goal-setting into a company-wide initiative with OKR software from StaffCircle’s performance management platform. Clarify priorities, set visible targets, and track progress. Implement an OKR methodology and make the relationship between individual goals across the entire company clear with OKRs.

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Create an aligned workforce with OKR objectives software

How our OKR Software works

OKR performance objectives help to align goals

Set goals

Set goals at team and individual levels, and visualise dependencies

Increase the power of OKRs with StaffCircle’s One2Ones, Competencies & Reviews

Track goals

Increase the power of OKRs by embedding them into reviews and one on one meetings

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth


Stay aligned and up to date with built-in collaboration features

Clear goals that drive success

Align your entire workforce around key organizational objectives

Give clarity and direction to your team with crystal clear goals

Encourage your employees to grow by combining OKRs with rewards & recognition

Link OKRs with reviews

Keep company objectives front of mind by syncing them with one on one meetings and performance reviews

Embed OKRs into One2One check-ins, status updates, regular, monthly or quarterly performance reviews and keep track of OKR progress. All open objectives pull through to a review. Choose from the default Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or One-Off options. Alternatively, these intervals can be customised and added to.

Multiple contributors

Assign OKRs between individuals, departments or cross-functional teams and foster a sense of shared ownership

StaffCircle’s performance management solution makes it easy to allocate an objective to either a person, specific people, department, or the whole company. Use our OKR software to promote a shared purpose with transparency, where your people know what everyone else is working on. Even if they move between projects.

Goal trees

Have clear visibility of how goals are connected

The goal tree helps to clarify individual, team and company goals. It shows how they’re connected with one another (as well as the ownership) making what needs to be done clear and transparent.

Goal updates with feedback & comments

Get active participation from your people and create a buzz

Empower your employees to make goal updates and increase employee engagement. Our OKR tracking software lets you customise settings per objective to enable progress changes to be included, such as comments, images, and documents to create a goal conversation.


Stay on track with automated alerts and reminders

You can alert your employees when an objective is updated and set how the person or team assigned to it, is notified. Choose from InApp, Push, Microsoft Teams, text and e-mail notifications regardless of which part of the performance management software you use.


Track progress in real-time with our OKR software

With goal dashboards and progress timelines you can keep track of the goals within your organization in real time, who is responsible for them as well what teams they belong to.


Connect to your existing system

With StaffCircle’s open API you can easily connect the software with ADP Workforce Now, Microsoft Teams or your current HR applications.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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