Multi-channel Communications

Send more targeted communications and connect your workforce

Consistent Communications Strategy

Ensure delivery of communications

If your workforce feels disconnected or does not understand why decisions are being made it’s likely the communication is failing.

With a wide choice of channels available there’s an excellent opportunity to play to the strengths of each channel, and use them to target different sections of your workforce. This approach can be powerful when applied to a highly diverse workforce.

Create, schedule, send and measure a range of communication types including social messages, blogs, worksheets, crisis comms and reviews with digital sign off.

The employee communication platform offers customisable article notifications, ensuring your communications will be delivered via email, SMS, in-app push or desktop – depending on how to best reach that individual. Articles can be sent to individuals, teams, departments or groups of people based on status, for example, pre-employees, contractors or furloughed workers.

Digital receipt and reporting

Create structured and auditable communication tasks by asking for digital sign-off of communication messages. For instance, new health & safety policies can be communicated with workers and a task attached to sign-off to ensure the article was not only read but also understood. This digitally signed task is stored under the employees’ profile in case it is required in the future.

Having more digital channels creates more opportunities to use analytics to drive continuous improvement. Analytics should be a core part of your communications, digital or intranet strategy. Reporting progress on these will reflect on deeper values and overall organisational mission.

Set the level of importance

When you create an article, you can inform the system of what level of importance it is by adding time-critical priorities, critical, highlight, important or information alert types. Alerts are designed to send short important info quickly. Any message under 500 characters can be sent via an alert.

Connecting Your Workforce Across Multiple Devices

Everyone can talk

The multi-channel platform also gives employees an opportunity to have their voices heard, sometimes for the first time. This is a fantastic opportunity to drive engagement and encourage two-way conversations. Internal communicators can encourage employee contributions in a variety of ways, from curating blogs to spotlighting contributions to even opening up intranet news to a wider group.

Shifting to a model where everybody is a publisher does require a different mindset. Some central control needs to be maintained, but from there internal communicators can then play a crucial role in helping employees, teams and groups to communicate in the best way. Share best practice guidelines and tailor your organisational templates for a consistent experience.

Opportunities for internal comms
  • Deliver more targeted messages and therefore more effective messages
  • Turn one-way corporate communications into two-way dialogue with far greater impact
  • Reach staff on the frontline or not based in offices
  • Deliver leadership communications which are more personal and company culture aligned
  • Open up the opportunity for communications to a far wider group, even all employees
  • Measure the effectiveness of messages with greater precision and reporting
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