Culture Feedback

Instead of being an exploiter of talent, organisations with feedback cultures are investors in talent

Creating A Feedback Culture

Align behaviours with culture

Employees should have the ability to give direct feedback to others and link that feedback to the company values.

A good leader is someone who not only features personal characteristics, technical and professional competencies, but also positive values, attitudes and behaviours to guide employees in the right path. Therefore fostering the deployment of the company values is therefore essential to create a positive work environment and avoid conflicts between different management styles.

Use recognition to drive behavioural change

Company values can structure and influence the behaviours of employees, sometimes without them even realising it. Other values indicate a new direction of culture that is driven by an organisation’s leadership team

By encouraging peer-to-peer recognition, and manager-to-employee recognition, you empower employees to bring company values to life. For example, individual recognition awards can be shared between employees via an employee communication platform to reward positive behaviours in the context of the values of your organisation. Employees can flourish when their work is valued and appreciated. Rewards become even more meaningful when they are associated with the beliefs and culture of an organisation, enhancing the bond that exists between an employee and his employer.

Values, Culture, Performance & Behaviour

Align performance & values

Cultural alignment can be created in different ways: on a global and organisational level, but also, on a more local and managerial level. Values can be more easily rolled out into behaviours that will be adopted to achieve goals. Those behaviours, which have been pre-defined, understood and accepted, constitute the framework that will be used to conduct self-assessments, peer and performance reviews.

Measure culture driven behaviours

As an intangible business asset, measuring culture can seem like you’ve hit a qualitative hurdle. Our employee engagement software allows for regular employee feedback to help measure the alignment of employees’ personal values with the ones driven by an organisation.

By putting into perspective actual and perceived values, HR teams can obtain a clear reflection of the current situation. Cultural change cannot happen without a shift in beliefs and behaviours driven by management. Yet, to implement cultural change, it’s important to understand your employees and what they stand for on an individual level.