Awards & Recognition

Increase employee motivation and create a collaborative work environment

Employee Awards

Help employees feel valued

Awarding and recognition help employees feel valued, aligned to the company culture and recognised for their hard efforts. By saying thank you to your employees, you’ll be inspiring them to bring their A-game every day and stick around for the journey whenever they embody the values of your organisation.

Encourage the behaviours you want to see by highlighting the company core values and promoting great behaviours within your workforce. You can also integrate your core values into your succession planning with personal development plans that align both necessary skills and desired behaviours.

Peer-to-peer awards give all members of your team an opportunity to say well done and turn small actions into celebrated behaviours and show other employees the recognised desired behaviours you’re needing from the team.

Effectively using rewards

Reward schemes have always been a great way of impressing new candidates and existing employees, providing that you reward the right behaviour.

With company-wide perks, all employees have access to them, meaning that your hardest working employees will receive the same benefits and incentives as employees who aren’t achieving their goals or working as hard. Rather than using company-wide perks, you may find that individual rewards and recognition are much more effective and will encourage each employee to go the extra mile.

An effective reward system will push employees to feel proud of their work and will remind them how appreciated they are by their employer. It can also create a culture based on performance and rewards to turn the workplace into a performance-based environment, by incentivising your employees to build a high-performance team.

Employee Rewards Strategy

Communicate and plan

Rolling out a rewards program is not as easy as you think, unless you use the right performance management platform to help you. At StaffCircle, we offer a Rewards Management System which you can rely on to drive best practice behaviours using employee incentives.

When implemented properly, correctly and consistently, your employee rewards and recognition program will create the ultimate win-win for both your employees and your company.

Benefits of employee recognition

An effective rewards plan will allow your team members to log their own personal goals to prevent any positive performances from being missed and rewarded, whilst also allowing you to track the progress of each goal, every step of the way. With our system, the intuitive dashboard helps you understand how your team is excelling and where you may need additional resources to reach your goals.

Where employees are exceeding their goals, an effective reward system will provide you with an easy method of calculating annual bonuses (including one-off bonuses), commission or pay reviews.

  • Increase productivity and output
  • Increase profitability
  • Retain top talent and reduce attrition
  • Build a positive organisational culture
  • Create a collaborative work environment
  • Increase employee motivation