Mission & Values

Create consistent attitudes and behaviours

Impact On Company Culture

Demonstrate core values

The core values of your business are important characteristics that define your entire company and are used as strengths and priorities for your employees to set their own behaviour and approach when carried out in their day-to-day job.

Core values are demonstrated through every interaction beyond the company, between your employees and the outside world. They’re a part of your business identity and can act as a differentiator to set your business apart from the competition, whilst clearly defining the overall route of your company-wide mission.

All companies should define their corporate values, which is significantly more important if you have a higher number of employees and also operate in multiple locations. Attitudes and behaviours relating to company values should be consistent throughout the business.

Integrate values, culture & behaviour

Core values help establish your overall reputation and can support in building customer loyalty whilst providing employees with direction on how they should behave and support their wider team. This can engage your employees and aid in becoming the best they can be in their roles.

Core values should be relevant to your business and the services or products you offer, different to those of your competitors and also easy for employees to understand and follow.

For your values to become a part of your company’s culture, you should integrate them into everything you do, to bring your culture to life and ensure behaviours are aligned with your values.

Every employee (in all positions) should be clear on what the company stands for and how their role supports this overall culture. They should know and understand how these values apply to them.

Communicate your mission and values

Clear & consistent

In order for your employees to fully understand and represent your company values, your mission and values will need to be communicated clearly, from induction videos to staff appraisals and wider company meetings.

It does help to have the correct processes and systems in place to make communicating values and behaviours simple and effective. By establishing a method, you’ll be able to ensure that your values are shared throughout, with clear ideas of how the values can be applied across the organisation.

The best method of communicating your mission and values is to have an employee communication system in place whereby employees can access information, communication, performance management and community engagement. Our platform provides employees with an integrated suite of tools, to push your company to become a values-driven culture, through establishing and maintaining values.

Our software provides your employees with an easy way to review the mission of your company and the values needed to accomplish it. This means that employees can ensure their culture is always in line with values.

Encourage the behaviours you value

To encourage the behaviours required to pursue and demonstrate your company core values, you can integrate your core values into your succession planning with personal development plans that align both necessary skills and desired behaviours, through awards and recognition.

Awarding and recognition help employees feel valued, aligned to the company culture values and recognised for their hard efforts. By saying thank you to your employees, you’ll be encouraging them to continue their hard efforts into representing and continuing to express the core values.