Employee Surveys

Build a company that listens

Layer three types of surveys for the most holistic approach to employee feedback. Use eNPs questions for gauging overall satisfaction, dig deeper with engagement surveys and close the feedback loop with sentiment analysis. All pulled into a meaningful set of findings with connected analytics.

Measure your employee experience from every angle


The ‘What’ – What is the overall engagement score for employees.

Engagement Surveys

The ‘Why’ – Why do employees feel the way they do. Dig a little deeper.

Pulse/Sentiment Surveys

The ‘How’ – How do employees feel at any given moment in time. Keep a ‘pulse’ on satisfaction.







From Feedback to Action – A continuous cycle that takes your culture to the next level


Architect a feedback strategy

Employees have a wide variety of needs at work, so you should take an expansive view.


Your company reputation and success are directly influenced by employee satisfaction : eNPS

Drive customer experience with employee experience. eNPs surveys will give you a snapshot of how your employees feel about working at your company. One question, many perspectives.


Beyond loyalty, happiness and willingness : Employee engagement surveys

Gain insight into your employees’ behaviour and thinking. Employee engagement surveys allow you to dig deeper and measure your team’s motivations, sense of purpose and passion for their work and organization.


Rapid response: Pulse / Sentiment Surveys

Pulse surveys provide an agile mechanism for regularly measuring what really matters to your organization.


Data that makes a difference

StaffCirlce’s 3 pronged approach drives specific actions by enabling you to group all these feedback as a whole.

Employee engagement that transforms into employee experience

Increase participation and launch with just a few clicks

The intuitive interface encourages participation, no need to have to spend time ‘learning how to provide feedback’. The software’s wide range of communication capabilities empowers you to ask your employees via their preferred method of communications including, SMS, Email, Push Notifications and Microsoft Teams. You can pick just one method or multiple, you decide.

Surface the drivers of engagement with built in survey templates

Use a template or customize. You choose. StaffCircle’s flexible survey templates provide deep insights into what drives employee engagement within your organization and what could be barriers to it. Gear these towards your key performance drivers and ask questions that will truly surface whether employees feel motivated at work.

Identify opportunities of impact

The different types of surveys can increase the volume of data that you have at your fingertips which can uncover issues that need immediate attention or a critical change in a key metric.

Spot trends quickly – instant results

If we survey people regularly where does all that data go? More importantly what do we do with it? StaffCircle’s advanced analytics and intelligent dashboards show real-time results that managers can interpret, utilise and act on.

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“The software lets you manage all aspects of HR with the added benefit of knowledge sharing. You can push out critical alerts to your team even if they don’t have a computer or work off-site.”

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