Performance KPI Smart Objectives

Measure the most important aspects of performance with Performance KPI Smart Objectives

Align teams around the work to be done with key performance indicators and create transparency and line of sight.

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Measure the most important aspects of performance with KPI Smart Objectives

Increase business performance with measurable goals

Keep your people's attention on what's important using performance KPI smart objectives


Keep your people’s attention on what’s important by setting a key performance indicator

Boost productivity using KPI smart objectives

Boost Productivity

Set smarter goals and grow performance output

Increase engagement through SMART objectives


Soar engagement through objectives

Simplify your SMART objectives framework

Company Objectives

Manager Objectives

Team Objectives

Objectives Scores

Objectives Analytics

Objectives linking

Make SMART goal-setting more collaborative

Set a SMART KPI for individuals, groups, departments or company-wide. Then connect these key performance indicators with those of another individual, specific group of people, department or even with overall company objectives. You can group and filter the various types of objectives with just a simple #.

Objective setting

Increase your employee’s goal-setting capabilities with smart KPIs and drive accountability

StaffCircle provides a flexible Smart Goals Setting framework that allows you to evolve employee goals as their roles, the business and its strategic goals change. Make a goal numeric, financial, percentage-based, or instead; achievement-based (yes/no).

Related objectives

Create goal hierarchies, align with bigger goals and link to dependencies

When goals are connected (think parent-child objectives), it is easy to see the total linked targets and make quick adjustments. Related objectives also display when any progress has been made.

Goal setting cycle

Reduce admin time and communicate clearly by reviewing objectives regularly

Drive progress by setting up recurring goal cycles within specific time frames. Choose from the default Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or One-Off options. Alternatively, these intervals can be customized and added to.


Alert the relevant people when there is something important happening in relation to a goal or KPI

Let them know when a smart goal is achieved or when there are obstacles, questions or comments via multiple comms channels. Empower your employees to make smart goal updates. StaffCircle allows your team to feedback on goal progression, you decide the level of permissions.

KPIs & Objectives

Sync Objectives and KPIs with One-to-One meetings and performance reviews

Embed Objectives into One2One check-ins, status updates, and regular monthly or quarterly performance reviews. All open objectives pull through to performance reviews.


Track, report and analyze performance data, objectives and KPIs

With Objectives dashboards and progress timelines that show individual, team, and company-level goals you can easily measure performance and keep track of what’s on time and what’s behind. Evaluating performance has never been easier.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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