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Performance Management Reports

Custom Performance Dashboards

For any business, monitoring individual performance and development is key to the ongoing performance of the company. The reality is, your business is only as good as the employees in your team, so making every effort to ensure that their performance exceeds expectations and aligns with the goals of the business should be at the forefront.

To make tracking the progress, performance and development of your employees much easier, you can use a performance and development dashboard to gain more of an understanding of overall performance throughout the business.

Having a performance dashboard in place means that new starters are onboarded quickly and effectively to the brand values and are aware of the performance expectations they need to adhere to StaffCircle’s performance management dashboard gives every member of staff their own objectives dashboard. This makes the objective setting and review processes very easy as the information is analysed and displayed on the dashboard itself.

Using a system that allows employees to record goals, monitor progress and share them with colleagues is likely to significantly improve their goal achievement rate.

Easy to set up and easy to scale

Our 360 feedback performance management system addresses a multitude of challenges faced by HR professionals. It also allows professionals to take advantage of the flexibility and enterprise-grade reliability that is provided. You can even structure feedback for employees, customers or contractors.

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Gain deep insights

With the powerful dashboard, you can gain deep insights into the performance of individuals, teams, departments or the entire organisation. This data is provided in real-time and with visualisation performance management tools, making it easier for employees striving towards their OKRs.

In order for your OKR framework to be effective, you will need to step away from the static, annual process and tap into shorter cycles that are easy to digest in real-time dashboards. Transparency and insights are easier to digest in a visually-appealing format.

By keeping your view of data in real-time and by using an intuitive performance and development dashboard, you and your team will be able to keep the finger on the pulse of their efforts. These frequent and visible real-time updates presented to employees allows goals to be tracked, edited and scored in real-time.

Not only this, but you can even build a leaderboard to see who is performing best, and who may need more assistance in achieving their goals. Each team member can have their own targeted dashboard.

The performance management dashboard allows users to assign colour codes to goals based on priority and completion, which helps to retain continual focus on what matters via real-time updates.

Cusomisable Reporting

The dashboard provides customisable reporting which enables you to view and export performance data across objectives, reviews, skills and appraisals.

As well as this, the dashboard enables you to download individual appraisal reports. This means that monthly, quarterly or annual appraisals have never been easier or more organised. The customisable reporting makes appraisals and one-to-ones more effective, empowers employees and saves time compiling custom reporting. You can even analyse specific questions, for example, attitudes across the entire organisation, to see where there are areas for improvement.