Where to Begin With Creating Company Core Values

Company core values have been demonstrated to make a real difference. Core values contribute to positive company culture, increase productivity and innovation as well as improve the customer experience.

If you are on board that your business needs to step up its core value initiative, your next logical question likely centres around company core value resources. You’ll be asking key questions like:

  • What company core values resources exist?
  • Which resources fit my needs?
  • What should my next steps be?

These are broad-reaching questions, but the good news is you have an expert on hand to help you navigate the complexity. StaffCircle, the leading HR software platform developer, understands the challenges businesses face when creating, communicating and measuring their core values. So, check out our guide to help you get from point A to point Z.

Clarify – even the most obvious definitions

As you sit in a room with a blank legal pad or a whiteboard trying to take a stab at your company core value statement, be sure to be extremely specific and clear. Ask the right questions and drill down on nuances that could be confusing, unclear or misconstrued within your core value outline. Define the obvious so your organisation’s unique take on the meaning can’t be lost in translation. For example, what do you mean by transparency? What is your company’s definition of transparency? What does it mean for your management team, your workforce overall as well as your customers or clients?

Enlist key team members

Many top management teams go it alone when creating core values, forgetting that some of their best company core values resources are available in the offices down the hallway! Compile a team of key team members from different departments and at different levels of responsibility to help you develop your company’s core values. By gaining the insight and input of a broad range of team members, you may learn more about core values that already exist or areas within the organisation that need to be emphasised.

Lock down buy-in from top management

Your top management team is integral in rolling out, reinforcing and emulating your company core values. In fact, they can be your most important resource in the successful implementation. Before rolling out to the entire team, make sure that your top managers and C-suite get it, agree with it and are prepared to promote it – every step of the way.

Use technology to communicate

Remote workers, non-desk employees, satellite offices and other non-traditional working relationships are no longer on the fringe, they are the norm. When companies want to instil a set of core values effectively, it’s essential to communicate clearly, comprehensively and routinely – even to teams that are spread out around the globe. Technology tools, like the powerful yet easy-to-use HR software platform offered by StaffCircle, can help you create a mobile-accessible communication vehicle that ensures your entire workforce is up to speed on your core values.

Use technology to measure

Simply throwing out company core values and moving on is not going to ensure their broad-reaching adoption. It is foundationally essential for businesses to not only develop clear and relevant core values but to measure them over time. Zappos, the e-commerce behemoth, developed their own system for measuring the effectiveness and awareness of their core values. Technology can be your best company core value resource to quantify and keep your finger on the pulse of your company’s core value adoption.

Use technology to train the team

You may be picking up on a theme here. Technology is a top company core value resource! Training, educating and reinforcing your core values throughout the organisation is another critical part of its success. Your HR software tool can help you distribute your core value communications and even keep a record of engagement. This is a powerful tool for onboarding new employees and keeping current employees refreshed.

Company core value resources abound, but technology is your best bet to develop, roll out and reinforce these foundational values. StaffCircle’s leading HR software tool is an easy-to-use and powerful core value resource that savvy companies are utilising to help them accomplish their objectives.

Companies in the know rely on StaffCircle for:

  • Mobile intranet to streamline core value (and other types) of communications.
  • Robust functionality, such as the ability to share rich content via mobile intranet, push messaging, read logs and customisation features.
  • Personal dashboards to measure personal objectives & key results (OKRs) including work toward supporting company core values.
  • Visual performance reporting accessible from mobile 24/7.
  • And much more.

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