HR Document Management Software

Operate more efficiently using an HR Document Management Software

This powerful tool streamlines your HR compliance and approval processes, saving valuable time and resources when it comes to managing your HR documents. Additionally, it offers meaningful data analysis to help support your business decisions.

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Operate more efficiently using an HR Document Management Software

Reduce the cost and risk associated with compliance

OKR performance objectives help to align goals

Enjoy the benefits of paperless HR

Eliminate mundane manual tasks and reduce paper use

Increase the power of OKRs with StaffCircle’s One2Ones, Competencies & Reviews

Improve compliance

Get black and white audit trails on HR tasks and comms

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth

Protect employee data and sensitive information

Securely store and manage employee files

A 360-degree view of all your HR data

HR Audit Logs

Microsoft Hosting


Comms Audit Trail

Transaction Logs

HR Audit Log

Keep track of changes made to your data or settings with HR document management software

The HR audit log records who made the changes, when they were made, and what was changed, so you can always be sure that your data is accurate and up-to-date. Even if you have multiple administrators in your HR department, the HR audit log makes it easy to find out what action was completed and when.


Store your data and important documents safe and secure while still getting the insights you need.

Our HR document management software is independently certified by BSI to ISO 27001:2013 The software architecture is built on Microsoft Azure and hosted in Microsoft datacenters offering the highest levels of data protection. Storing documents has never been so safe.

HR Transaction Log

Gain visibility into all HR activities taking place when you manage a team of people: from mandatory paperwork to H&S

Our employee file management software will help you and your HR team keep track of all important HR activities, from performance-related paperwork to health & safety. This way you’ll always know what needs to be done and when it needs to be done. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to locate and identify actions.


Assess your organization’s operational excellence, assess compliance, and review employee performance.

With Dashboards, you can see how many tasks are completed on a weekly basis, how many performance reviews are conducted, and how much feedback is provided. This level of visibility is essential for ensuring that your team is on track and that issues are addressed before they become problems or start affecting compliance.

Comms Audit Trail

Know who has read or accepted communications: from messages to policies or documents

If you want easy visibility into who has seen a new policy or update look no further than StaffCircle’s comms audit trail. From child protection to health and safety; our digital hr document management software provides a complete audit trail of every communication sent out, so you can see in real-time who has read and accepted your updates.

Paperless HR

Replace paper employee files & make administrative tasks like forms and policy management a breeze

It can be difficult to keep track of all your employee documents without an automated system in place. With our document management software solution and document locator, you can organize and store employee information securely, making it easy to find and retrieve when you need it.

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