Real-time Performance Feedback

Build an accurate picture of employee performance with real-time performance feedback

A better alternative to traditional performance reviews, our real-time feedback system provides an up-to-date, true picture of how everyone in the company is performing. Performance data allows you to see who is doing well and who needs help, so you can provide feedback that actually improves your performance management process.

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Build an accurate picture of performance with real-time feedback

Real-time feedback across all areas

Increase motivation with Awards & Recognition

Performance feedback

Course correct individual performance with instantaneous feedback on work

Build transparency and trust through real-time performance feedback

Cultural feedback

Drive behavioral change – link feedback to core competencies and organizational values

Reduce bias with real-time performance feedback

360-degree feedback

Feedback shouldn’t be top-down – gather feedback from multiple sources

Drive behavioral change with real-time feedback

Increase motivation with Awards & Recognition

Build transparency & trust through honest and helpful feedback

Reduce bias on performance data through the continuous collection of feedback

Continuous feedback loops

Make people feel supported and eliminate the anxiety that can surround annual performance reviews

As part of your performance review process, consistent feedback is the fastest way for your managers to deliver clear input to their teams and facilitate regular conversations around growth. Fix any broken performance management system and improve, adjust or tackle issues before they take root.

Feedback timeline

Reduce the time required to prepare for formal performance reviews

All real-time feedback data collected over time is readily available leading to faster performance review cycles. StaffCircle collects information transparently in one place so managers and their direct reports can access historical feedback (depending on access rights) leading up to formal performance management reviews.

Feedback alerts

Improve performance by being in the loop with your real-time feedback alerts

Our system notifies managers immediately when action needs to be taken so that your performance management and formal performance discussions can stay on track.

Awards & recognition

Give feedback (manager to direct reports or peer-to-peer) on achievements – instantly

Shift from ‘send and forget’ to ‘analyze and optimize’. Unlike verbal or chat comments, awards & real-time feedback on success moments are captured on an employee’s performance profile. Award badges and comments link to competency alignment via Success Circles.

Microsoft Teams

Give and receive feedback from within Microsoft Teams

Make your performance review process easier and give feedback and awards from within the familiar interface of Teams, or get notified anytime you receive one. Your flow of work is uninterrupted.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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