One2One Check-Ins

Increase employee retention with one2one check-ins

Keep your team on track with regular one-on-one meetings as part of your performance review process using our employee check-in software. Your digital dedicated space for structured and meaningful conversations.

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Structured and meaningful one2one check-ins

How our one2one check-in software works

One2one check-ins help achieve your goals

Set your frequency & agenda

Set up a check-in with minimal effort, choose from a variety of one on one meeting templates

Balance your workload using one2one check-ins

Choose what you want to see

Add data to the one2one – view progress towards goals, any feedback & more

Improve your wellbeing by way of one2on check-ins

Centralize notes and action items

Take the guesswork and “as I remember it” out of your conversations

Create a healthy 1:1 meeting culture

Improved performance and engagement with regular feedback

Stronger relationships between managers and direct reports

Save time on prep and never lose track of meeting notes again


Save time by automating check-ins

It’s simple to create recurring one-on-one meetings for individuals, remote employees, departments, or multiple departments in bulk. Or, let employees request a check-in as and when they need it in just a few clicks.

Push Notifications

Keep employee performance on track with alerts for both employees and managers

Choose from desktop, in-app, e-mail, Microsoft Teams, or text notifications of scheduled, updated, or overdue One2Ones.


Say goodbye to awkward performance reviews discussions and hello to meaningful conversations

Wondering what to ask during your next one2one? Why not let StaffCircle guide the conversation. Managers can choose from a variety of preloaded questions and templates, or customize to create their own.

Coaching Notes

Give every team member feedback that benefits their career growth & personal development

Discuss goal progression, workloads, career development, additional training needs, personal life, and promote wellbeing. Share coaching notes and discussion points following each one on one meeting and access the complete history of any previous meeting notes.


Learn who is having One2Ones and who isn’t

The software’s traffic light design highlights any areas for concern in-real time. Whether it’s lapsed reviews or check-ins, or goal progression falling behind. This prevents small issues from becoming big incidents.

Teams Integration

Schedule or request a One2One from within Microsoft Teams

Accelerate adoption by making the process of check-ins super easy for your team directly from the familiar interface of Teams, without needing to go online or open a browser.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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