Customisable 360 Appraisals & Reviews

Get actionable insights from the whole company with customizable 360-degree feedback appraisals & reviews

Give and request feedback from individuals, peers, managers, and external clients for skills mapping and a 360-degree overview of your employee performance. Our AI capabilities can process feedback and highlight trends in a department or team, giving you a much more in-depth view and understanding than managerial feedback alone.

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Get actionable insights from the whole company with customisable 360 appraisals & reviews

A structured & unbiased approach to constructive feedback

Remove bias with customisable 360 appraisals & reviews

Remove bias

Gather feedback from multiple sources and get a better idea of performance

Develop your people via customisable 360 appraisals & reviews

Develop your people

Increase self-awareness, identify training needs and skill development

Track trends using customisable 360 appraisals & reviews

Track trends

Highlight trends in a department by utilizing AI capabilities to process feedback

Our 360-degree feedback software pulls information from 5 different sources

Manager Feedback


Direct Reports

Peer-to-Peer Feedback

External Contributors

Feedback templates

Provide structure for your meetings

Streamline admin by automating the scheduling and distribution of 360-degree feedback appraisals, one2ones, or employee reviews. StaffCircle enables you to specify the audience type and built-in templates help to structure feedback and create a consistent experience.


Automated reminders save you from having to chase

Give and request feedback for performance reviews with the click of a few buttons and let the system do the chasing for you.

Multiple feedback sources

Tap into multiple sources of 360-degree feedback information

When planning 360-degree feedback appraisals, one2ones, or reviews as part of your continuous performance management process, gather information from multiple sources easily with the option of anonymous feedback.  This ensures that you get a well-rounded view of your employees’ performance, rather than just top-down, one-sided insights.

Organizational values

Link feedback to employee performance & culture

Increase employee engagement by gaining a holistic view of your employees’ alignment with company core values and cultural alignment with Staffcircle’s competency analysis tool; Success Circles.

Analytics & Dashboards

Empower managers to hold more actionable conversations based on trends and analysis from 360° data

With dashboards to drill down into personal development, and manager or leader performance, both HR and senior leadership teams can view how an employee is performing at any given moment in time and review employee feedback on a manager’s leadership and cultural qualities. This visibility leads to increased employee engagement.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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