Multi-channel Communications

Keep your employees in the loop with StaffCircle’s unique multi-channel communications feature

Communicate with your team through any channel on any device, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks. With our platform, you can send messages across multiple platforms including text, email, inApp, and Microsoft Teams.

Keep your employees in the loop with StaffCircle's unique multi-channel communications feature

Easy and flexible access to company communication

Share today's news today via multi-channel communications

Create speed

Share today’s news today

Send mass notifications to 1000s of employees in seconds using multi-channel communications

Build efficiency

Send mass notifications to 1000s of employees in seconds

Improve the visibility of alerts and multi-channel communications

Reach everyone

Improve the visibility of alerts and communications

Connect with your hybrid workforce


Microsoft Teams




Mass Notification Functionality

Send mass notifications to 1000s

Send notifications to a select group of staff or an entire office, even the global business and beyond. With pre-defined distribution groups, you can seamlessly scale your communications in just a few clicks.


Improve the visibility of communication sent

Urgent information sent through company emails may get lost and visibility isn’t guaranteed. Make sure your employees never miss an important communication again. Our system sends alerts through multiple channels, including email, SMS, instant messaging in Microsoft Teams, and push notifications, so you can be sure that your message is received.


Pre-prepare your communication with templates

Templates make it easy to get your communication ready to go for when you need it. With our intuitive rich text editor, those with the required permissions can create and edit content quickly and easily.


Achieve better outcomes for your employer brand

This easy-to-use tool lets you plan and schedule articles and announcements far in advance, so you can focus on creating valuable, engaging materials. Time-saving and stress-free, our communications scheduling functionality is your key to better employer branding.

User Grouping

Make every message more impactful

By grouping specific employees together who share similar attributes, you can target only the most relevant people with your communications. This ensures that every message has more impact and prevents dilution or ignored messages.

Communications Analytics

Get a better understanding of your employee engagement and information consumption

Stay in control of your employee communications, and gain insights into employee engagement and consumption of content. Stay compliant with audits and compliance measures by tracking employee activity related to your messages.

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