Critical Alerts

Send instant alerts to your entire workforce, wherever they are

Automating Critical Alerts and Notifications

Consistent communication

Communication is key, particularly if you have employees in a larger organisation or who work remotely. If you find communication is a struggle within your organisation and there are often delays in responses with emailing, you may find that using alerts via an employee communication platform is a much quicker and more efficient method of communication that allows employees to receive critical business information as soon as it’s distributed by management.

There may be times that you have urgent announcements or information to inform your employees or management of, which is likely to be distributed through emails. Unfortunately, emails aren’t always reliable as they can sometimes end in ‘junk’ folders or individuals may take too long to get round to them. For this reason, you’ll want to use a critical alert system for communicating urgent notices or company updates.

For example, if there’s a water leak in your office or your broadband connection is down, you’ll want to alert all members of staff immediately if they shouldn’t come into work. Where emails may be the first port of call, many team members are likely to miss this alert if it’s sent outside of working hours – unless the alert was sent through a critical alert platform with multi-channel notifications including SMS, Email, Push Notification and Microsoft Teams.

2-way real-time alerts

Our platform ensures a high level of engagement and communication through employees and managers using real-time alerts, which can be sent to everyone or only selected people within the organisation. This also includes individuals, teams, departments or specific locations, which is ideal if you have numerous branches around the UK. Critically, people can respond to these alerts using SMS, email or through the platform and the responses are automatically sent to the manager and logged under the user’s profile.

Alerts can be created in the ‘Alerts Manage’ view where all alerts are listed and categorised for ease of access. This portal allows you to create new alerts and edit existing alerts and enables two-way feedback with the ability for employees to comment and reply back to alerts.

Even when recipients aren’t logged into the application or do not have the application downloaded, they will still be able to receive alerts, which can be categorised depending on the severity and urgency.

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Alert Multiple Devices

Push, SMS, email, desktop or mobile

The Critical Alerts feature allows you to distribute notifications to any employee using SMS, email and InApp alerts. This means that you can send two-way urgent messages to office locations, teams, people or departments as part of the platform so the recipients will be able to respond to the alert. The alerts are sent through multi-channel to ensure they are received and responses are then logged in the system.

Push notifications are an effective way to communicate with your team by sending notifications directly to employee’s computer screens or their phones.

Benefits of automated alerts

Automating critical alerts is a simple process to incorporate into any business system and can make a considerable difference to the running of an organisation: improving company performance, ensuring 100% visibility of critical information, improving customer service and ultimately reducing exposure to financial risk.