Today Screen

See what matters most in-real time and all on one screen

Customise & Configure

Birds eye view

Administrators and managers can customise the ‘today screen’ to see what matters most to them, in real-time and all on one screen.

The Today Screen brings together all of the areas of the system into a single real-time screen, configuring it to see an overview of what matters most to you, your team or your department. The movable components can be moved, hidden or new components can be added depending on your role. Whether your team is in the office, at home, or on the go, stay connected with live information.

Our modern employee communication platform can be completely personalised, viewing live feeds for internal comms, videos, training, sharing and notifications. This enables your entire workforce to access vital information such as crisis comms, objectives, reviews and organisational charts wherever they are.

The Complete Solution

Everything you need, in one place

Communicate more effectively with the relevant teams and departments by customising channels and dashboards. These permissions allow only certain users who are a member of the channel to add a post. It also allows users to choose if they wish to subscribe to the channel. Before subscribing, they won’t be able to see any content in the channel, nor will they receive any notifications when a post is made.

Other custom options include assigning users to peer-to-peer awards, toggle controls to choose the type of notifications a user will receive, uploading image permissions and configuring screens to see what’s most important to you.