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The employee intranet allows for user generated content, cross-collaboration and real-time communications

Targeted Communications

Company news feed

When you’re operating in numerous offices or you have a larger number of employees within your organisation, an employee communication platform will never be more important. Emails aren’t always reliable and can sometimes end up in ‘junk’ folders. If your employees’ emails are overloaded with emails on a day-to-day basis, locating important company updates lost in the inbox can be time-consuming.

Where emails may be the first port of call, many team members are likely to miss this alert if it’s sent outside of working hours – unless the alert was sent through a critical alert platform with multi-channel notifications including SMS, Email, Push Notification and Microsoft Teams.

Communication is key and adopting an effective method of distribution can be the difference of important information being missed. In order to keep communication ongoing, you can use the company news feed platform to regularly add real-time updates which are much quicker and more efficient than using regular emailing. This also means that the company updates can be found in one place, rather than scattered around and lost in emails.

For more important and urgent updates, you can set critical alerts to immediately send to all members of staff (or only those within a department), whether it’s a water leak in the office or a broadband connection is down.

Send notifications & real-time updates

In order to keep members of staff in the loop with everything going on, you should communicate regularly. With the platform, you’ll be able to create channels to send relevant communications based on their teams, department or location. This means that communications can be sent to the relevant people, without anyone in a department being missed.

You can use cases to include company news, training, vacancies and customer wins that are of importance for employees and managers of different levels to be aware of.

To make sure that these notifications aren’t missed by anyone, they can be sent through a range of methods, including email, in-app, SMS or push notifications, for sending real-time updates to the workforce, regardless of location.

Employment Intranet

Share resources within the news feed

Through the company news feed, you can send important resources, such as articles, alerts, awards, promotions and training, with the ability to add videos and images for employees to have access to.

Using the news feed to share these resources will mean that employees will be able to easily access these whilst they are stored in one place, making the resources much easier to retrieve when they’re really needed.

Ensure that no important updates are missed

Articles can be sent to individuals, teams, departments, status, locations or even everyone who has access to your company news feed. Each article logs who has seen and read the article, as well as who hasn’t yet seen it. This makes for easier managing of critical company updates which require all employees to be aware of.

For those who haven’t yet seen the company updates within the news feed, you’ll be able to easily re-notify with customisable notifications to trigger and remind them to view the update.