Mission & Values

Make your mission & values and related behaviors become the cultural norm

Communicate your mission and company values to your employees and tie them to employee recognition, rewards & outcomes, creating a place that lures and keeps top talent.

Make your mission & values and related behaviours become the cultural norm

Cultivate a culture that truly reflects your mission

Live and breathe your mission & values

Close the Loop

Live and breathe your values

Reward employees who exhibit your values

Reward Alignment

Reward employees who exhibit your values

Let your mission and values cffer a purpose beyond financial returns and goals

Create Meaning

Offer a purpose beyond financial returns and goals

Give your values a voice



Multiple Communication Channels

Goal Tree

User Groups

Employee Communications

Embed mission and purpose as part of everyday interactions

StaffCircle is a platform where your company vision, mission, and values can be shared with all employees. Send communication that reflects your purpose and reinforces your values through messages, news feed articles, and shoutouts.

Goal Tree

Enable managers to help employees tie their contribution to your mission

By outlining the hierarchy of how all personal objectives link to wider business objectives, the software makes it easy to track and manage progress to understand how individual jobs support the “greater good”.

Awards & Recognition

Tie recognition to your company’s values & purpose and reward behaviors that are in line with these

Our customizable award system lets you praise people based on specific behaviors and results. This means that you can link awards & recognition directly to your company values & goals and celebrate your staff’s achievements in a way that aligns with your company’s mission.


Achieve better outcomes for your employer brand

StaffCircle’s comprehensive three-layer survey system provides you with all the feedback you need to see how aligned your employees are with your mission and values. With eNPs questions for overall satisfaction, engagement surveys for deeper insights, and sentiment analysis to close the feedback loop, our Employee Surveys give you the most holistic view of your workforce possible. And with connected analytics, it’s easy to see how your employees are feeling at a glance.

Interview Documentation

Lure top talent to work for you with values-based interview questions

With Interview Documentation, you can easily create values-based interview questions that will help you identify candidates who share the same values as your company and will fit in your workplace. By understanding what drives a candidate’s behaviors at work, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about whether they’re a good fit for your team.

Culture Feedback

Give feedback to show your appreciation for each other’s work and highlight your company values

Create a culture that is aligned with your purpose and goals. By providing feedback that links to your core values and competencies, you can ensure that your mission and purpose is always in line of sight.

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