Employee Surveys

Build a company that listens with instant results Employee Surveys

Layer three types of surveys for the most holistic approach to employee feedback. Use eNPS questions for gauging overall satisfaction, dig deeper with engagement surveys, and close the feedback loop with sentiment analysis. All pulled into a meaningful set of findings with connected analytics.

Measure your employee experience from every angle

With eNPs you can find out the overall engagement score for employees.


The ‘What’ – What is the overall engagement score for employees.

Use employee surveys to dig a little deeper.

Engagement Surveys

The ‘Why’ – Why do employees feel the way they do. Dig a little deeper.

Keep a pulse on satisfaction with employee surveys

Pulse/Sentiment Surveys

The ‘How’ – How do employees feel at any given moment in time. Keep a ‘pulse’ on satisfaction.







Layer different types of surveys

Get a complete 360 picture of your employee’s thoughts and feelings

StaffCirlce’s 3-pronged approach drives specific actions by enabling you to group feedback from eNPS, engagement/sentiment, and pulse surveys together as a whole.

Anonymous responses

Make your next survey more insightful with anonymous conversations

Get honest answers to even the trickiest of questions with the Anonymity functionality. This powerful yet easy-to-use tool makes it easy to collect sensitive information without putting anyone at risk whilst promoting greater disclosure.


Design your own survey approach

Schedule surveys and choose their frequency, rotation, and duration. Set up reminders and nudges for those who have not responded or engaged with the initiative.

Built-in survey templates

Surface the drivers of engagement

StaffCircle’s survey templates help you to quickly and easily create engaging surveys that provide deep insights into employee engagement. Survey staff on what motivates them and what might be hindering their engagement, then get actionable insights in minutes.

Custom survey builder

Create surveys that are tailored specifically to your employees, and learn what’s most important to them

With customizable templates and the ability to create your own surveys, StaffCircle makes it easy to get detailed company-specific questions answered… or just find out who wants to bring their dog into the office…


Get the most powerful employee engagement insights through deep reporting and word clouds

StaffCircle’s Survey Analytics makes it easy to see detailed participation metrics and individual responses by company, team, and employee. Plus, if you’re a fan of spreadsheets, it’s super easy to export the data so you can slice and dice it however you want!

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

Watch how The Green Organic Dutchman saved $60,000 with StaffCircle

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