Culture Feedback

Encourage and reinforce behaviors that reflect your mission and values with Culture Feedback

Giving employees feedback is a great way to show your appreciation for each other’s work and highlight your company values. With our culture feedback feature, you can easily share employees’ great work with everyone and publicly praise them for their contributions.

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With our culture feedback feature, you can easily share employees' great work with everyone and publicly praise them for their contributions

Drive behavioural change

Recognise achievements & create a family-like sense of belonging with culture feedback

Awards & Feedback

Recognize achievements & create a family-like sense of belonging

Use culture feedback to align performance goals with desired behaviours

Linked Organizational Values

Align performance goals with desired behaviors

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth

Intelligent Dashboards

Inspire your team with crystal clear goals & growth

Give your managers visibility of feedback from everyone

Continuous Feedback loops

Feedback Timeline



Company Values

Link feedback to culture

Weave your company values and core competencies through the fabric of your culture

Provide open-ended comments or specific feedback based on company values or core competencies and create alignment between culture and behaviors. By linking Awards to your company’s mission and goals, you can ensure that all feedback is directed back to your business strategy.

Multiple feedback sources

Peer-to-peer feedback, manager feedback, and self-assessment

Whether it is spontaneous (e.g. praise or awards) or prompted feedback (e.g. feedback request), you can capture the view of your employees’ performance and behavioral attitude from the people they’ve been working with on a regular basis. Whilst the feedback timeline will help you keep track of individual progress.

Customizable feedback templates

Flexible forms allow you to tailor the feedback process exactly to how your organization works

Set up your feedback templates to truly mirror your company mission and goals. With our Culture Feedback feature, your employees can choose from leaving comments in their own words or providing feedback, awards, and pr linked to predefined core competencies and company values.

Multi-channel feedback functionality

Boost productivity and engagement through consistent communication

With our push notifications, you can keep your employees in the loop about new feedback. Choose from InApp, Push, Microsoft Teams, and text and e-mail notifications to inform the relevant person or team.

Feedback timeline

Capture every insight and access it in one central place

StaffCircle makes it easy to access all historical individual feedback data on an intuitive dashboard. See how aligned an employee is with company values and culture or what behaviors they exhibit that reflect core business competencies. Whilst employees can also visualize their own achievements.


All the insights you need to make sure your culture is on the right track

StaffCircle gives you the power to see what engagement activities are influencing your culture and business outcomes. Our intuitive dashboards make it easy to understand which drivers of engagement are having the most impact on your team.

Experience how it could work specifically for your business

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